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5 Design Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of

Minimal Sans Serif Fonts

If you didn’t know already, we LOVE minimal fonts. Sometimes, less is more and in our designs we make sure to have clean and modern typography. We love to use them, especially in our logo making process!

Wanna know some of our favorite font pairings? Click here!


Layered Images

At High Moon Studio, we love to layer images especially in our mood boards! I creates dimension with an emphasis on textures that supports imagery style. We love to layer textures, type, imagery, and patterns.


Neon Accents

Neon is in and we are HERE for it! We love how adding a pop of color to a design can add a bold, sleek, modern look along with some edginess.


Shadow Overlays

Shadows can make any brand look more sophisticated. Just simply overlay it onto your packaging design mockup or simply layer it on a photo collage to create a minimal and elegant look. Our personal favorite mockups are created by Moyo Studio – get them here!

Minimal Illustrations Design Elements

Whether it’s on a logo, a pattern, or layered on top of an image, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful design trend. You can use line illustrations to create beautiful accents and dimension into your branding.