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5 Google Font Pairings We Love

At High Moon Studio, one of our favorite things to do is discover new fonts!

Nothing’s better than discovering a beautiful typeface that you can seamlessly use to make your designs and your own brand super clean and modern! 

There are sooo many fonts out there in the world, but it’s important that they all work well together as font pairs.

In order to achieve a clean feel to your brand, website, social media, print designs, documents, etc, you MUST pick a font pairing that works well for all of those things and that complement each other. Every brand, company, or even your own personal website needs a font pairing! You should not have more than 3 different fonts in your brand:  a Headline, a Subhead or Display, and a Body font. However, it is SO important that you use these in that hierarchy and not just randomly! Also, these are all Google fonts so we’ve linked them all so you can use it on the web for your brand!

1.  Sans Serif Headerwith a Serif Body

Header: Poppins Bold

Subheader: Lora Italic

Body: Work Sans Regular

2.  Sans Serif Header with a Sans Serif Body

Header: Josefin Sans Semibold Italic

Subheader: Merriweather

Body: Montserrat Regular

3. Serif Header with a Sans Serif Body

Header: Playfair Display Bold

Subheader: Chivo

Body:  Roboto Light

4. Script Header with a Sans Serif Body

Header:  Montserrat Light

Subheader: PT Sans Narrow

Body:  Lora


5. Serif Headline with a Sans Serif Body

Header:  Quicksand Bold

Subheader: Jacques Francois Regular

Body:  Inconsolata Regular