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5 Things You Can Do For Your Business During Quarantine

2020 isn’t exactly what we pictured, right guys? We can still make it our year though, even if we’re quarantined! I’m all about thinking positively in life + business, so let’s use COVID-19 as a lesson to restructure our businesses to be stronger than ever. If you haven’t checked out our most recent podcast episode titled ‘Never Lead With Fear’ on the Dream Smarter Podcast I highly suggest listening. It’s all about leading with excitement instead of fear. It really got me through this past week. Mindset is everything, so stay strong!

While you’re chilling at home these next few weeks, keep the anxiety away by pushing your business forward.

Below are 5 things you can do for your business as you practice social isolation.

#1 – Create Quarantine Help Content

People need help more than EVER right now. Everyone’s confused, anxious and very unsure of how to move forward in life and business. How can you create content that is COVID-19 specific to HELP your audience? For instance, if you’re a hairdresser, you could create some videos on how to keep your highlights looking fresh while we all wait to get in for our appointments. PAIR IT WITH AN OFFER — could you showcase a specific hair product in the video and offer it for sale? You could ship it out to your customers or do no-contact drop off if they’re in the area. Make what’s happening in the world WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS. But do it in a way that HELPS your audience…they need it right now!

#2 – Restructure How You Take Payments

Could you offer payment plans to your customers during this time? COVID-19 has been tough on a lot of people financially…but life still has to move on. Would they be more apt to purchase your services or products if you offered an easier way for them to make payments? When we introduced payment plans here at High Moon Studio our sales SKYROCKETED. Goes to show that people just need that financial flexibility. The best part about payment plans? You have guaranteed monthly income, which is refreshing as an entrepreneur! Not into payment plans? You could offer gift certificates at a sale rate, or offer a discount to any of your clients who pay in full early!

#3 – Make Your Biz More Legit

It’s astounding to me how many people still use a gmail email as their primary email address for their business. I’m going to shoot you some tough love here — YOU LOOK UNPROFESSIONAL AF. Take the extra hours you have during social isolation to make your business look more professional. Purchase a domain (if you don’t have one already) and sign up for a PROFESSIONAL business email. Other ways to make your biz more legit during this time: Make sure you have an LLC set up with your state’s secretary of state, nail down your client contract, get your client management system set up (Dubsado is my fav). 

#4 – Build a STRONG Brand + Website Design!

We all know how I feel about having a strong visual identity. I could go ON AND ON on how it can grow your business. When you put the effort into your brand + website design (and photography…and social media…and more…) it makes your audience TRUST you and believe that you’re going to put that same effort into the products or services you’re offering. It’s basically a requirement if you want to build a business that makes a lot of $$$$ and stands the test of time.

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#5 – Create an Opt-in + Grow Your Email List

Create a free resource for your community + set it up on your website so your audience can access by entering their email! Grow that list baby! USE FLODESK — It’s the best. You can get 50% off for life by using clicking here. They have tons of tutorials online on how to set it up, but if you want some extra help, we have a course on how to transfer your email list over to Flodesk + set up a workflow — get it here!