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5 Ways To Make More Money By Doing Less

When your business is scaling you’ll eventually get to a place where you have absolutely ZERO time. What does that mean? It means you need to shift the way you do things so you can get that time back in order to scale your business even more. You can always make more money; you can’t make more time. Here are some tips on how to make more money by doing less.


#1 – Increase your damn prices

When you’re booking out way in advance or drowning in work, that’s a good indication you need to increase your prices. When you’re getting paid more for what you do you’ll a) be able to take on less clients but make more $ and b) feel more confident in the work you produce. I know SO. MANY. PEOPLE. who need to increase their prices. It’s all about mindset. Stop limiting yourself and pretending ‘nobody will purchase your services/products if you increase your prices’ — that’s just a limiting belief. There’s a market for every budget and as you grow your prices should, too.


#2 – Batch your content

Batching is one of my favorite things to do when building content. I spend a few hours on Sunday of each week planning out my Instagram feed so I don’t need to worry about it 2x/day. When you focus all of your energy on one task you’ll be more efficient in creating. Block out time throughout your week/month to specific tasks. Whether that be 2 hours on Monday for on-boarding clients, 3 hours on Friday for writing/planning blog posts, or the first Sunday of each month for producing all of your podcast episodes for the month, batching will help you create effective content more efficiently which saves you buckets of time.


#3 – Hire help!

Outsourcing is SO IMPORTANT as your business scales. I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit of a control freak with my business, but there are always ways to hire help so you can spend your valuable time creating the content that helps your business (and bank account!) grow. That may look like a brand/web design expert (uhm, hi hello :)) and that may look like interns or VA’s. Figure out things in your business that: a) you don’t like doing and b) you don’t NEED to do (aka, anything that doesn’t involve your face if you’re at the forefront of your business). If you free up time by outsourcing, it means you can stay in your genius and make more $ doing those items that really need YOUR special touch…the money makers!


#4 – Spread your content

When you write a new blog, post that shit everywhere! Instagram feed, Instagram stories, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. Don’t create pieces of content for each specific platform *always* or your time will diminish day after day. Utilize your content effectively and find a way to utilize it across as many platforms as possible.


#5 – Automate your systems

We all HATE spending time doing things that don’t involve our magic. Invoicing, client on-boarding, contracts, etc. Figure out ways where you can automate your systems. We utilize Dubsado for all of our client management tasks so it’s all in once place. I definitely don’t want to waste my time on the daily writing emails! Automate your email opt-ins, proposals, social content, whatever! It will help you stay focused on the work that actually makes you $ while looking like you’re still on your game in all the other areas.