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8 Apps To Make Your Instagram Look Dope

Sometimes, we get into a rut on Instagram with the same apps and edits we use time and time again.
Here are some of my personal favorites apps to edit, plan and post for your perfect Instagram! 


VSCO is a solid go-to. It can be used for editing your picture with different preset filters (plus ones you can buy for as little as $1.99) or with more specific editing tools like exposure, saturation, grain, and more.



2. Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is a phone and computer app that people use to edit photos. Instagram Influencers have started posting their Lightroom Presets that you are able to buy on sites like Creative Market so your feed can look like theirs!


3. UN UM

This app is used to plan your feed, although some people don’t like to plan and just post what they think is cool (power to you!), some of us like to make sure that our feeds coordinate. UN UM lets you plan almost 18 posts in advance.


4. Facetune

Facetune is a great pre-editing app. You can smooth out any blemish on your face with the “smooth” tool, you can “patch” tool anything just like in Photoshop and you can even “whiten” your teeth.

5. Unfold

Unfold is a great app for spicing up your posts and stories. It has a bunch of different filters you can buy for as little as $1.99. It sets you apart from your fellow Instagrammers.

6. 8 MM

This is a fun video app to use when you want to make things look like its from a VHS/different filters. Which is extremely in right now!


7. Stories Edit

This app comes with a bunch of pre-loaded templates for your Instagram story!

8. Over

This app is relatively new to the Instagram market. It comes with everything from blog post templates to sale templates to quiz templates for your Instagram stories. Not to mention, for going “pro” on the app you can unlock million+ images, fonts, and templates!