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8 Simple Ways to Find Inspiration as an Entrepreneur

It’s natural to feel uninspired and lack creativity from time to time. Generating new ideas and concepts to grow your biz is no easy feat, and as entrepreneurs, creativity is part of the job description. The good news is, creative ruts are something everyone struggles with throughout their careers and if you are feeling uninspired, you are not alone. So the next time you’re stuck trying to figure out how to break out of a mental block, read this list of ways you can find inspiration again!



#1 – Keep a  Notebook at All Times

Whether you’re driving to an appointment or out to happy hour drinks with a friend, you truly never know when inspiration will strike. Keeping a list (we love the notes app!) is super helpful for jotting down ideas, even if they don’t seem groundbreaking at the time. A random idea scribbled in a notebook may become something magical down the line.


#2 – Read Something Inspiring

We’re big readers over here, especially books that help guide us through the crazy world of business. There are so many successful entrepreneurs who offer up their tips & tricks that you can gain inspiration from and apply it to your own biz. We’ve compiled Alex’s list of favorite reads that have been game-changing to High Moon Studio – click here to browse!

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#3 – Change Your Environment

 Our brains need experiences and inspiring spaces to dream up new ideas. When you’re feeling uninspired, take a lap around your local park between zoom meetings or post up at a coffee shop for the day. Or better yet, why not try sprucing up your office space or working from your patio with the great view? Switching up your environment and everyday routine can get those creative juices flowing again!


#4 – Reach Out to Someone You Admire In Your Industry

Think about how many people you interact with on Instagram each day. Those people could motivate you even more in person. If grabbing coffee isn’t your jam, try thinking outside the box. Could you join them for a Clubhouse chat and discuss a topic you’re both interested in or hop on zoom for a wine chat? Could you invite them onto your podcast show? There are hundreds of ways to connect with someone you admire who could spark something within you.


#5 – Meditate or Journal

If you’re finding it hard to be creative, take a step back and spend some time in meditation or journal your innermost dreams. Both practices are creative processes so the inspiration is bound to strike. Try meditating for just a few minutes when you wake up or grab a piece of paper and scribble everything that’s on your mind. Getting those ideas, dreams, thoughts, and aspirations onto paper or voicing it to your universe can get you out of a creative rut.


#6 – Learn Something New

Our generation has been wired to think that hustle culture is normal, when in fact it’s perfectly okay to have hobbies even if do not make you any money. Do things because they make you feel good. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby or learning how to be a better designer [have you signed up for our FREE 5-day Level Up To Luxury Masterclass Series yet?], it’s important to step away from your biz to try something new. Our 5-

PS: Tell us on our latest Instagram something you do in your spare time that sparks inspiration! Could be anything from painting to golfing to cooking to watching YouTube Videos on dog training.


#7 – Create a Vision Board

It sounds cheesy, but curating a vision of the life you want through words, phrases, and images works wonders. Every time you look at it, you’re going to be reminded of your values, goals, and dreams which will motivation you again. While we recommend having a physical copy of your vision board, it doesn’t have to be a DIY project. You can curate your dream life through a Pinterest collage – just be sure to take a look at it often!


#8 – Only Follow People Who Inspire You

If your feed is constantly draining your energy then it’s time to shake it up. Mute anyone who doesn’t give you the type of inspiration you’re craving and find people who spark motivation within you. Lauryn Evarts discussed recently on her podcast that she actively seeks out only 3 people on social media each day – one person to inspire her, one person to make her laugh, and one thought-leader in her industry. You can curate the same experience on your feed by blocking out any noise that doesn’t give make you feel like your best self.


What are some ways that you get yourself out of a creative rut?

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