hundreds of pages of cult brand guidance

editable canva workbook with every purchase

print mAgazine available

use for you or your client's brand

comprehensive q's to cultivate a strong brand

minimalist design to edit to fit your brand

instruction video included

A step-by-step instruction manual to craft a cult brand using the High Moon Method™

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the brand bible

take a peek inside

Below are a few pages within the 125+ page brand bible

take your brand building skills to the next level

Your brand deserves to have a strong foundation to bring your business to success. The Brand Bible asks you all the right questions so you can build your brand with ease.

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Go beyond the logo, color palette & type suite

Your brand is so much more than what it looks like. When you spot a magnetic brand, the secret lies beneath the layers beyond the visual identity. Craft yours today with The Brand Bible.

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The brand bible magazine image sheets

Included in the magazine version is what we call image sheets. They're pages of images that you can cut out and tape/glue into the visual sections of your Brand Bible. An IRL mood board!

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Canva Workbook

One-time purchase. Canva workbook immediately available upon purchase. Editable to fit you or your client's brand. 125 pages of workbook. Video instructions included.

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is this a training?

what program is the workbook made in?

The digital version is designed in Canva. You will receive a Canva link upon purchase.

What's included?

If you purchase the magazine + Ebook, you will receive a physical magazine in the mail + the Ebook version designed in Canva. The Ebook version is 125+ pages of workbook and the magazine is even larger.

what kind of brands does this work for?

Any and all!

Can I use it for multiple brands?

If you get the Ebook version you should be able to copy the template for multiple brands. For the magazine version you should purchase one per brand so you can physically write out your answers to the questions per brand in the magazine.