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A 10-week guided group research study to help business/brand owners conduct a brand audit and analysis, identify brand gaps, test new unique approaches to brand building based on qualitative and quantitative data, and analyze results individually & in groups.

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While some may view branding as a logo, color palette and type suite, it's much more than that. Brand building is a deep, analytical process. It's more than art, it's science. And in today's market of exploding small business, it's more important than ever to build a strong brand not only to sustain business, but to stand out and create a competitive advantage. This research study will show you how to build your brand based on data so you no longer have to guess what works, because you will know what works.



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Doesn't Lie

In the data collection process you will go through a brand audit AND a personal brand preference survey that will be compared against one another. This allows us to determine what consumers WANT in brands vs. what you, as a brand, are providing. You get access to this info first.

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1 - on - 1


You won't be alone in the research process. Our founder and pro brand-builder, Alex Krahling, will be giving personalized advice to every person who joins the study throughout the process so you feel guided and focused when collecting and analyzing your data.

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Enrollment into the research study closes.

Your brand preferences & audit survey is due.

Gap analysis from Alex based on your audit delivered.

Monday 7/26/21

friday 7/30/21

friday 8/6/21



Lecture days to learn brand building techniques in each area.

Your approach assignment to building your brand due.

Alex's personal review of your approach delivered.

Monday 8/9/21 - tuesday 8/10/21

friday 8/20/21

friday 8/27/21

Put your brand building approach(es) into action.

Your results analysis of brand progress due.

The group & industry-segmented discussion of data.

8/27/21 - 9/24/21

friday 9/24/21

friday 10/1/21

let the data talk

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This assignment is a survey to find your demographics, personal brand preferences and complete an audit of your brand. The assignment will include both qualitative and quantitative questions to determine where you stand as a brand to identify brand gaps, spot ideal brand performance, create a competitive analysis and give you a baseline to compare to your results assignment at the end of the study.

In the gap analysis Alex goes through each brand's preferences & audit assignment to give each participant clear direction on where they should focus their attention in this brand research study. The lecture portion of this study will be broken down into each phase of our own High Moon Method™, and in the gap analysis Alex will give you an order of which parts of the method you should focus on in your brand.

As mentioned, there will be a lesson for each phase of the High Moon Method™. There are 10 steps in the method, which will be broken down into two days - 5 lessons/day. You can come to all lessons live to ask questions and get real-time responses, or only come to your top 3 lessons of improvement needed based on Alex's gap analysis. All lessons will be recorded and uploaded after the lives for you to access at any time. 

brand preferences & Audit Assigment

the gap analysis review from alex


diving into

Each Part

The approach assignment is a written approach to how you plan to build your brand based on brand gaps and learnings collected via the lectures, gap analysis, and brand audit.

Alex will review your approach assignment and provide feedback with tips & instruction on how you can put them into practice to get the best results. These are the approaches you will use during the action phase of this research study.

You get 4 weeks after Alex's approach review delivery to put your brand building approaches into action. After those 4 weeks, you will complete the results assignment to see how those particular approaches impacted your brand + business. This allows us to see what practices work best for brand building via data specifically for your business, then within your industry, and finally as a collective.

The approach

The approach
review from alex

the results

The live discussion is where we will go over everything we learned during this brand research study. We will share the results of the data collected, brand building trends, how particular approaches impacted quantitative data (follower count / profit / etc.), what was successful, what wasn't, and more. We will host a discussion with the full group, but also segment discussions into business industry so you can see what works best for your line of work specifically. The discussions will be recorded and uploaded after the lives for you to access at any time.


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Is This For?

This brand research study is for any business owner building a brand. You can be a service based business, product based business, influencer building a personal brand, etc. You can be at any level in your brand building process - we hope to see every brand make progress in this study.

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Isn't This For?

If you don't have a brand yet but want to start a brand, AKA you are solely in the ideation process (don't have services, don't have a clue who your target market is, don't have social media or a website) then you won't want to join because you won't have the data to track your baseline.

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Yes! As long as you've gotten started and have data to collect (a social media account, a clear service you offer, an understanding of who you want your target market to be, etc.) and the willingness to put in the work to grow your brand these next 10 weeks. If you don't have a business yet, you probably wouldn't want to take part in this program.

if i just started my business, can i join?

One entry = one brand. You can enter multiple brands into this study if you purchase multiple entries. We suggest using different emails for each brand entry.

if i have multiple brands, can i do them all?

No! Any country is welcome.

is this only for u.s. brands?

Absolutely. This content is completely new, and based more in research than in training.

if we took designer training, is this relevant?

Strategy, solutions, creative direction, brand identity, brand communication, digital storefront, social presence, marketing, brand experience, company culture, and more.

what does the study cover re: building brands?

Alex reviews your assignments herself and provides feedback. You can also speak to her in the live calls and via the exclusive FB group for this program.

how does the 1:1 mentorship part work?

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