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December Horoscope Trends For Your Business

Welcome to your Monthly Business Forecast according to the Stars!

It’s Sagittarius Season, and the Sun is lit up and thriving in this fire sign. Here we have the makings for a fun and effervescent vibe, where all we really want to do is get out and live it up! This is because Sagittarius is the sign of the seeker, the adventurer, the wanderluster and the wisdom keeper. We dare to dream and choose to expand as Jupiters ruling sign pushes us into the realm of discovery. How this translates in business is through the pursuit of knowledge. It’s a perfect time to level up your skills, enrol in a course, even teach something. We crave the experience of sharing and expanding, so get creative and enjoy everything with enthusiasm!

All dates in PDT, please adjust to your time zone or roughly 1 day forward if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia. Also another tip, transits are felt on either side of the exact date – so there lies your window of opportunity!

December 2nd

The first big transit for the month of December is the planet Neptune stationing Direct on the 2nd. What does this all mean? Well relatively, Neptune rules our imagination and higher dream-like aspirations. So Neptune stationing direct is actually a useful thing as we gain more momentum in this area, however the first week is always going to be a bit wobbly. So pay attention to your sleep patterns, your dreams, you may find yourself feeling more tired than usual or just overall creatively stuck. It will pass!

December 3rd

Now FYI this month is going to be big, so here we are, another Eclipse! This one will be a Total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 3rd, and this is actually the end of what has been a very intense 2 weeks of Eclipse Season! You may be noticing themes of endings around this date, it’s a good idea to tie up any loose ends and allow what isn’t working to naturally fall away. Under a Solar Eclipse we do not do any manifesting work! So put away your vision boards for this one, and instead intuitively feel into what the next 6 months of your business looks like. You can write down anything that comes into your mind as you do this, keep your notes somewhere as you may be surprised with what unfolds!

December 6th

This week on the 6th Mars will be Sextile to Pluto, and when these two energies work together in this way, we have a powerful mix! You might find yourself with more motivation and energy to drive new projects, push a launch, ask for a promotion, or go out and get your dream collaborations. Use this sense of empowerment to your benefit.

December 7th

On the 7th we have two transits. We have a Mercury Square Neptune and Mars Square Jupiter. With Mercury Squaring Neptune we have to be careful of misleading or false information, it’s a good idea to over look paperwork and double check your facts before signing off. Mars Square to Jupiter tends to lend us more energy and motivation. There is a tendency to excess and accidents around this transit so ensure you consciously take your time and slow down instead of rushing important tasks.

December 11th

Pay attention folks, because on the 11th Venus will meet Pluto in the sign of Capricorn for the 1st of two times this month. Why? Because Venus will station Retrograde the following week, which means the planet moves backwards through the zodiac. So themes around love, money, value, worth and power will be highlighted this day and again towards the end of the month. The bonus of this kind of energy is that there is a certain allure that helps you to stand out – so literally market your most magnetic self! Also on the 11th the Sun is Squaring Neptune in Pisces. This can be a doozy if you are already feeling run down and over- extending yourself. Be mindful of your boundaries both in relating and communicating exactly what you need.

December 13th

This week should feel like a real shift of energies as we have not one but two planetary shifts on the 13th; Mars enters Sagittarius and Mercury Enters Capricorn. Mars in Sagittarius is both optimistic and impulsive, so just notice the difference between taking leaps of faith, and just plain blind faith. Try and think things through, as Mercury in Capricorn would like. This is when our communications take on a more serious tone. We centre real discussions of quality over quantity – translate this into your content and deliver information that feels informative and high value.

December 18th

The 18th is when the Full Moon in Gemini lights up the axis of information. We are interested in sharing and story telling. It is a very restless time especially being that Full Moons are always high energy and high emotion. Being an Air sign, we want to ensure that we are staying grounded and not getting too carried away with distractions. Gemini activates the brain, thoughts are running, communications amped up. Sharing on Social Media during this time should get a lot of traction if your message is short, sweet and attention grabbing.

December 19th

Following the Full Moon in Gemini on the 19th is the second biggest transit of the month – VENUS RETROGRADE. Mark your calendars for this one, because Venus rules energy exchange in the form of relationship and money. In the sign of Capricorn we will be facing how we value (or have underestimated) the part of us that is the BOSS, the CEO, the AUTHORITY. This is a time of reassessing your value. Are you really marketing your worth? And if not why? Are you seeing yourself as the authority in your field? This could bring up a lot of self worth issues that you haven’t been willing to previously face, or haven’t even realised were blocking your growth. So lean in gently and allow this to be a much needed time for growth both personally and professionally.

December 20th

On the 20th this week Mercury is Trine to Uranus, encouraging us to make shifts and think outside the usual box. This is a great time for brainstorming, so keep an open mind and don’t fear standing out by being different! Your authenticity is appreciated.

December 21st

The Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st and with the season aligned by the Solstice, we will feel the energy change as the Sun starts to grow or decrease (depending where you are in the world.) In Capricorn energy we are ruled by Saturn, so this time can feel very much like work and resistance for a lot of us as we seem to be busier than ever. If you feel the time crunch, maybe consider what deadlines you can take off the list so that you don’t find yourself overworking during the period where it’s supposed to be about winding down.

December 23rd

The biggest date of the month (another one for the diary folks!) is on the 23rd Saturn Square Uranus. Now this is the third hit of this transit that we have experienced ALL YEAR LONG. And we all know how unstable this year has been. So expect the unexpected and plan for change. This is when implementing fluidity in your business in essential. If you haven’t yet streamlined aspects of your business to be fully adaptable, say if the internet breaks, or the world locks down again – just plan for it. Because planning for change is much safer than planning for permanence. Also this is not the best time to make big bold moves and financial investments.

December 25th

Remember when earlier in the month we had that Venus Pluto meet-up? Well this is the second hit of that transit as Venus Retrograde re-visits Pluto on the 25th. This will probably bring up similar themes from earlier in the month that are unfinished to do with trust, power, money and control. Perfect for Christmas Day huh? Be mindful of your triggers during this time and remember your boundaries for yourself and also others.

December 29th

And we finish off this very full month with Jupiter entering Pisces on the 29th! This is actually the high note that we all need. Jupiter the planet of growth enters dreamy Pisces. The manifestation and the magic is REAL. During this transit of Jupiter in Pisces we want to consider how we can be more open and compassionate to others, during a time that has been so fuelled by division. When it comes to your work, your purpose – how can you lead with love in everything that you do. When you run a soul led business that is genuinely guided by inspiring and helping others – you will naturally be fed. Dream big! Because 2022 is right around the corner and waiting for you to step into your purpose with love and alignment!