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Dream Smarter Podcast Ep2 – Getting Clients

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Building a healthy client list can seem like an overwhelming task. Try these 5 tips to help get more clients for your business.


These tips are not just for new entrepreneurs, but also for business owners who either need more clients or want to start finding different clients from the ones they already have.


Tip #1: Focus on your work


The bottom line is, no one is going to buy your work if it sucks. Of course, you won’t be perfect when you start out but if you wouldn’t even buy it…how are you going to expect people to pay you for it?

So, whatever you’re doing, making sure it’s something you’re educated in and knowledgeable about. Don’t start a business doing something that you’ve never done before. Put in the time to educate yourself and make that product or service the best it can be.


Tip # 2: Have Beautiful & Strategic Branding, Website Design & Social Media Design


Aesthetics and everything you do that pairs with your branding are so important. Good branding & website design starts with strategy. And that is all about how you want your business perceived. Who are your target markets? Who do you want to work with? Who do you want to sell to? Identify that and then create a feeling with your brand and website that your target market likes to feel.

First, do not design your logo yourself. Your logo and your branding should make people feel something. You don’t want them to feel like they can’t trust you or that your website is all over the place? NO! Your online business is your storefront, and you have a very limited amount of time to make an impression on someone when they first encounter your “storefront.” Not everyone is going to be attracted to your brand, but that’s ok. Gear it towards your target market and the clients that you want to attract.


Tip # 3: Don’t Be Afraid to Do Free Work


There is a big difference between good, strategic free work, and not so smart free work. The first step to finding good free work is to find the right clients. Be strategic about who you’re giving away things to. When you do free work, you have to treat it like a campaign: what are your goals in this campaign?

Some examples of strategic free work are: giveaways, collaborate on a campaign with influencers where you give them something free for them to promote.

This also goes for services. If you’re providing a free service, make sure it’s for a reason. Whether that’s to build a relationship, to help someone out, or to get your brand in front of a bigger audience, make sure it’s for a reason.


Tip #4: Utilize Facebook Groups to Find Clients


First, I’m going to tell you where to look for these clients: Facebook groups. I got every single one of my clients from Facebook groups when I started my business. There are so many different Facebook groups out there, that I can guarantee you’ll be able to find your target market.

All you have to do is join these groups and then type into your search bar a service you provide. That will pull up any posts in those groups where someone mentioned that service. Then you can reach out to people looking for that service and possibly turn them into a client.

If you make those clients happy, then they will start referring you to anyone who asks. You can also set up referral programs with your previous clients. This works great is your target market is coaches because business coaches work with clients who are starting free and will need a lot of things to get started.


Tip # 5: Start Showing Up on Social Media


People want to see that you’re consistent in your talent & that you’re solving the problems of the people you’re working with. So share the work that you’re proud of on your social media. Also, you need to show up personally. Show your face, write posts that are personal to you, and let people get to know you! People aren’t hiring you just because they like your work. They are hiring you because they like YOU!

Show up, be authentically you, and all the right people who are supposed to be in your business will come to you. It’s especially important if you are working with people remotely. You still need to find ways to show people who you are and share the personality behind your brand and your business.


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