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Dream Smarter Podcast Ep3 – Never Lead With Fear

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Fear, defined in the dictionary, is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is dangerous, a threat, or likely to cause pain.


Owning a business is scary. Every single thing you do is up to you. Your business will succeed because of you, or it will fail because of you. However, business owners choose this fear over the fear of getting fired at a job or the fear of being unhappy every day.

I would choose the fear of owning a business because I am willing to put in the work and understand this fear…and not lead with it. In reality, fear and excitement are almost the same feelings. As a business owner, you get to choose whether you lead with fear or lead by excitement. This episode is all about learning to never lead with fear.

A lot of the things I’m going to talk about today have to do with mindset. Training your mind as an entrepreneur is half the battle.


Tip # 1: Truly Believe That Things Are Going To Work Out and That Success Is Coming Your Way


If you don’t believe in yourself, how is anyone else going to believe in you? You need to believe in your soul that things are going to work out and that the choices that you’re making are the right ones based on what you know right now.

You need to treat your business like you do a marriage. When you go into it, you need to treat it like a lifelong commitment. You need to be committed to doing everything it takes to create a successful business strategy for every year that comes. There will be ups and downs, but this is something that you’re going to work towards every single day. Have an unwavering love for your business, and never stop trying.


Tip # 2: Be So Dedicated to Expansion That Fear Has No Time To Enter Your Brain


The key word in this tip is Forward. Move forward! Everything you do in your business should be focused on moving things forward. Continuously push yourself and your business to levels it has never been at before. If you are dedicated to consistently working on moving forward, you’ll find that you simply don’t have time to think about that fear. Instead of using that energy to be fearful, you’re using it to push your business forward in a positive way.


Tip # 3: Understand That Things Will Go Wrong


At some point, things will go wrong. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of things going wrong; you should be excited. There is not one entrepreneur out there that is perfect all the time. You have to fail to succeed. Failure = opportunity. When you fail at something, you have the opportunity to learn how to do that thing better in the future. The key is to figure out why things went wrong and use that as a growth opportunity.


Tip # 4: When Spending Money, Be Excited For The Return, Not Fearful of the Investment


If you are spending your money wisely, and punching assets, not liabilities, you’ll start getting exciting about the returns you’re seeing and will be less fearful of that money you’re investing. Whatever you decide to invest in, change your perspective, and focus on how much more money that investment is going to bring you.


Tip # 5: You Need To Continue Doing Things the Scare You


As a business owner, you have to push yourself to things you’re afraid of so that ultimately, you’ll get more and more comfortable doing scary things. In order to get comfortable, you have to test yourself and your mind and teach yourself to turn that fear into excitement. When you do that over and over again, eventually, all those scary things will become second nature, and you won’t be afraid of them anymore.



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