Dream Smarter Podcast Ep24 - How To Live Like A CEO


Dream Smarter Podcast Ep24 – How To Live Like A CEO

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Today, we are going to talk about how to live like a CEO. In all honesty, when you start your own business, you don’t think about how many changes you’re going to go through. I didn’t think about how different my day is going to look regarding how I’m living moment to moment. It’s no longer me waking up without a worry, having to go to work, probably rolling my eyes, and being that I have to go to work.

But going to work, doing my job, clocking out, coming home, and having the night and the headspace to do whatever the hell I want and same on the weekends. That is no longer a life for us CEOs. For us business owners, we have so many pressures. We have so much anxiety. There are so many things on our to-do list. We can always be doing more, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. There’s just a lot going on as an entrepreneur. We need to set ourselves up for success, and we need to create a day and a life that supports us as a CEO. So that’s why I wanted to title this one today. How to live like a CEO, because you could just be a solopreneur who plays small, makes enough money to get by, and has more time, more balance. Perhaps that’s not what I want.

I’m a business-hungry female. And by the way, neither are right or wrong. But to me, I have to force myself to do things in my day that I normally probably wouldn’t if I just woke up and went to work and then came home and had no more responsibility, no more work responsibilities. I had to set myself up for success and find a way to live that worked for me and supported my work. Okay. So that’s all to say today. We’re going to get into mind, body, soul, and spirit. All of those things to me are necessary. They deserve a lot of attention. We need to give attention to all four things, mind, body, soul, spirit, to live a completely joyous, full, happy life as a CEO. In general, everybody needs those things, but especially CEOs, we can’t just wake up and work until our eyes are too tired to work anymore.

That’s how I use to operate. My business is hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle, always the work from the moment that I woke up to the moment I went to bed, I was on my computer, designing, sending out invoices, doing all this. I did not spend time focusing on my mind, body, soul, and spirit. But those things are all so important. And we cannot let those things fall off of our schedules because of the work. The work is better when we give the time and energy to our mind, our body, our soul, into our spirit, and all play together, which will help you be a more successful CEO.

#1: Have a Morning Routine

I don’t always do it in order. I love having routines, but I’m not somebody who’s like every single day I wake up and then I have my lemon water. And then after the lemon water, I journal, and after the journal, I workout. And then, after the workout, I shower. I can’t do that every single day. I need space for flow in my life. So I have a list of things that I do or would love to accomplish every morning in my morning routine to set my day up for success. Some days I don’t get to all of them. Some days they’re a bit jumbled.

Some days I get to them, not in the morning, but later in the day, for instance, today, I haven’t worked out yet. I’m going to do that after these podcasts. It’s just how it worked out today. I prefer to give myself space for flow and just to go off of how I feel. But my morning routine pretty much includes waking up. I go, I do go on my phone right away. I’m limiting it to 30 minutes. I check my emails, check my texts. I go to bed pretty early, so often, my friends will text me overnight, check my texts, check my emails, check my social. Anything that’s super, super important for the day. I just get 30 minutes of phone time in bed when I wake up, which I wish wasn’t the case, but it is so.

I’m going, to be honest, here. Then after that, I typically will go to the bathroom, and I will get myself ready. I brush my teeth, use the restroom, wash my face. Usually, I’ll brush my hair. Sometimes I’ll even throw a few curls in my hair, put on some sunscreen, whatever I get ready pretty quickly. This is when this is just my day-to-day stuff. If I’m doing a photoshoot or if I’m doing some tick talks or whatever, I will get myself ready a bit more than that. But this is just in general. I will put myself together. I’ll put on my workout outfit with a sweatshirt or whatever. And then I come to the kitchen. I’ll have a little bit of water, and then I usually take my morning vitamins.

I have AM and PM vitamins that I take are supplements. They’re not all vitamins. And then I drink celery juice every week, which I don’t make myself. I can’t do all of this myself. I don’t make the celery juice myself. I order it every week. To me, time is money. I pay for these little extravagances, these extra things in my life, especially the health things. I love spending money on health. I have my celery juice. And then after my celery juice, I typically, again, this isn’t always an order. I’ll sit down, and I will do a guided meditation, which I just find one on Spotify that is speaking to me that day. After the guided meditation, I try and journal a little bit about; I don’t have anything that I journal about in particular is just whatever I feel flowing out of my mind that day.

And then I will make myself a coffee, and then I’ll sit down at my desk, which is my kitchen table or the couch wherever I want to. And I’ll pull up my computer, and then I’ll check, click up to see if my team needs anything for me immediately in the morning or if I have to deliver anything to anybody. I want to make sure that the team is set up in the morning when they start working on getting the ground running. Contact my team, see if there’s anything they need, give them anything. Look through my emails, make sure there’s nothing that’s super important to get to. I’ll spend about 30 minutes to an hour on my computer drinking my coffee, and then I will hopefully be able to work out. Sometimes I have meetings and stuff right away that I have to get to, but I like to work out or take Hanes for a walk.

We have this walk that we always take through some of our neighborhoods, and it’s an hour-long walk. It’s a perfect amount of time to be outside. So that’s my morning routine. Again, it doesn’t always go according to plan, but I try. It sets your mind up for success for the rest of the day.

#2: Always be educating yourself.

When I go for my walks, it’s not just to go out and get vitamin D I’m all about multitasking. I always listen to a podcast on business or spirituality or anything along, health, wellness, whatever, and just continue to educate myself on different topics. I’ll listen to a full podcast when I’m going for my walk, which is super great. Another way to constantly educate yourself is, of course, you can just go and learn a new program and watch tutorial videos.

That takes up time. But other things you can do are watch documentaries, listen to podcasts. When you’re working, read books that you love, I love reading. Anything you can do to get out of your head and put more information inside your head. Anything that works for you. Everybody’s different. I, again, typically get a lot of my education through podcasts because it’s just, I love being able to listen while I’m doing something else. I wish I didn’t feel like I needed to be doing 5,000 things at once, but I do. And that’s just, I’ve accepted that about myself. So that’s a way that I get a lot of my information. But I do love watching documentaries at night, with a glass of wine when I’m relaxing, at least, getting some good info in my noggin or books too.

If I’m going on a little work vacation, I’m going to be working, but a little vacation to Miami, and I’m going to bring some of my business books. Some of my spirituality books with me, and we can lay out and tan, obviously with some sunscreen so that we’re not killing our skin, get some sun, and read a book, and it’s just going to be amazing. Anything that you can do to educate yourself constantly is going to help your mind. It’s always great to get fresh information in your noggin, and it just gives you so much purpose, to constantly be every day. How can I learn more?

#3: Get enough sleep.

I don’t know if you guys have ever researched your sleep archetype, you can just type it into Google sleep archetype, and you can take a little quiz and get your quiz.
I am a bear. I could sleep forever. I could fall asleep right now. If I was done with this, I could put my head down and fall asleep. I love sleeping. I love napping. Naps are a good way for me. I will sleep in the middle of the day. If I’m feeling, if my mind often around noon in the morning for me, the mornings are when I get the most work done.

That’s another tip that I have in here. I’ll just bring it up now. Working when your mind works best is such a unique thing from person to person. Some people are night owls, and they get bursts of energy at night, where they get super creative. They want to pop up on their computer, and they want to stay up until 3:00 AM and edit their website or do whatever they need to do for work.

That is not me. My brain stops working. I swear at six o’clock, even though sometimes I have to push it to keep going. I work best in the morning. It’s the best in the morning for me. That’s probably not, maybe not the case for you, but it is for me. Getting enough sleep is so important. If I don’t get enough sleep, I am a monster. I can just tell I’m so triggered by everything. I am so defensive. I just am angry, and I don’t even know why I’m angry. I’ll be like, why did I just respond like that? That was so rude. And I’ll tell people, I’m sorry.

That seems so rude. I promise I’m not mad at you. I’m just having a hard day because I didn’t get sleep. And insomnia is something that I struggle with. So that does happen to me sometimes. And on those days, I give myself space because I know that my mind is there to accomplish some of the tasks I want it to. And it’s best for me to just wait rather than try and push it to do something that it’s just not capable of doing that day. Make sure you get enough sleep. It’s so important to the mind. I truly thrive off of getting 10 hours of sleep. Some most people don’t need to sleep 10 hours. I love a good 10-hour snooze sash. So great. I always feel so refreshed in the morning. I need a lot of sleep. Go look at your sleep archetype online, do the quiz and see what you are.

That’s the great thing about being an entrepreneur. We don’t have to stick to nine to five hours. We can work whenever we want. For me, I work best in the mornings. I will usually work and be super productive until anywhere from 12 to two, and then I’ll take a break because then, at that point, my brain is gone. You just put me through so much. Especially now that I’m like, I have multiple businesses. I’m working with multiple people. There’s just a lot that my brain has to focus on every single day. So usually, around that time, I’ll take my break. I’ll eat my lunch. I will quite honestly take a two-hour break.

Sometimes I’ll take a little nap. Sometimes I’ll just chill and watch vampire diaries or something. Sometimes I’ll take canes for a walk. Sometimes I will do my workout if I have it yet, just like getting out of the work situation to give my brain a break, then I’ll start working again later in the day up until I am done with whatever I need to do for the day. So sometimes I’m working until 10:00 PM. That’s not ideal, but sometimes I need to get them done. And I know if I don’t get it done, I’m just going to be more stressed. So rather just get it done. Some days I’m only working until three, and I’m like, great. I got what I needed to done today. Should I continue working? Do I have something that I can work on? Or should I take tonight off and give myself a break?

Because rest days are also very important for us entrepreneurs, we need to have those days that we don’t hit burnout. This is all to say; you just need to pay attention to yourself and listen to your body and work when you work best and what everybody else is doing. You do. You just pay attention to your life and what works best for you and just blinders to what everybody else is doing. The only thing that matters is what works best for you.

The next area of business is the body. When it comes to your body, you want to treat it like gold. Working out is important. I know that it’s hard, sometimes hard for me, but it puts you in such a better mood. I’ve switched my mindset from being working out is going to give me a good body to working out is going to give me a good mind because it’s so true.

And the benefits that it gives your brain. All of these things pair together. Mind, body, soul, spirit all pair together. But the benefits that I get from working out are just in the brain. And just like the way I can think without cloud, the cloudy brain syndrome, foggy brain syndrome, whatever you want to call it. It’s, it’s gone. When I work out, it helps me so much working out helps me in way more ways than looking fit. I promise it’s worth it. Find what works for you. I have a Peloton. I use that quite a bit. I love it for cardio. And then I’m a huge fan of Pilates and yoga as well. I struggle to do workouts by myself. I need it on the calendar.

Back when I was living up North, I had my BFF Ash, who I would work out with, which was super fun. Cause we would go to the classes together. We were both so fit. And then I lost that when I came here to LA, especially with COVID. We can’t go to group workout classes anymore. I’ve struggled to keep myself accountable, but I’ve just told myself, like, if you can do 30 minutes a day, girl, that is great. Even if it’s, and now I’ve worked myself up from that to doing like 45-minute Peloton classes and going for, even if it’s just like an hour-long walk or if I can sit down and do my Pilates, for 30 minutes, I also have a trainer that I work with that I did work out with up North as well.

We’re doing virtual training. She is a PT. we do that once a week. And then I recently just reached out to a Pilates instructor here who we’re going to do singles classes, just her and me just one-on-one Pilates classes with a reformer. That way it’s in my schedule, it’s a meeting. I’m like, okay, I can’t back out because it’s a meeting with somebody else, and I’m paying for it. I have to go to my hour-long Pilates class. I know now it’s in my schedule. I have three. I’m going to be having three classes per week, two of them on a reformer, one of them on a mat with my other trainer. So in between those, if I can do two Peloton classes and golfer two long walks a week outside of those, that’s amazing.

I’ll get on my Peloton, and I’ll watch TV if I’m too bored to just do Peloton on its own. When it comes to working out, it’s important to do it for your body or mind because a healthy body is a healthy mind. Find what works for you. Figure it out because I think that’s the true key to working out is like, how can you make it fun for you? Or how can you make it just at least sustainable for you so that it doesn’t feel like such a chore? So those are my little tips. And then the other thing is putting good fuel in your body. Finding eating habits that work for you, all of this stuff, you guys, it’s all about finding what works for you.

You can go online, and you can see all of these different doctors and all of these different people giving advice. And I think it’s great to listen to tons of different advice regarding food and when it comes to working out and when it comes to just nutrition and health in general, but you need just to figure out what works for you. Try different things until you figure out what works. If you’re somebody who can’t tolerate dairy, that sucks; sorry, but don’t eat dairy or find alternatives. If you’re somebody who can, I love cheese, and it works for you, great, eat it, it. Like maybe you’re somebody that can’t tolerate carbs, or maybe you’re somebody who can tolerate everything, and you never gain a pound. I’m jealous, but what I’m saying? Like do what works for you and try and eat organic training as many whole foods as you possibly can.

That’s the biggest thing is just adding in as many whole foods as you can. And then the more you add in, the less you’ll eat. More of the will start dropping off. You won’t have space to work because you’re eating all of these yummy, healthy things. I’m also somebody who loves cooking as just a creative outlet because it gets me off my computer, gets me off my phone, off of the screens, and can just be in my element and flow and cook. I’ll do that just to find fun and food. I love food so much. It’s so hard not to eat all the time. That’s something that I’ve recently been struggling with hormone stuff, which it’s getting under control.

Thank you to my acupuncturist. She’s helping me so much. My hormones were so out of control. It’s because I went off birth control. This is getting personal now, but welcome. Welcome TMI. I don’t care. I recently went off birth control since I was 16. I’ve been on birth control, and I haven’t had a partner. Anybody that I’ve been sleeping with for a very long time. I was like, why am I on birth control? This makes no sense. I’m putting this like toxic in my body. Or I had an IUD. There’s this toxic thing in my body for no reason. I removed it, and my hormones were like, oh my God, wait a second. How do we function without birth control? We haven’t been without birth control since we were 16.

it’s been a journey. And I can maybe talk a little more about that on my personal page, which is if you want to follow on Instagram. I’ll share more personal stuff on there, but anyway, do what works for you, do something good for your body. If you’re not somebody who likes high-intensity workouts, try Pilates, try walking, try something like that. Anything that you can do to move your body and then put good fuel in your body, organic food, whole foods. Anything that you can do that is healthy. Adding celery juice into the mix in the morning has been great for me. Adding green juices throughout the day, doing some smoothies to get some greens in whatever works for you. You just got to test some things out and try and find what is excites you and what makes you happy.

And what’s what makes you happy. And what’s healthy is what we’re looking for here. I’m going to pair these two together because they’re very similar. What you need to do, number one, not what you need to do. What I do that has made such a difference that I highly suggest you do is getting the outside. Going for walks is so game-changing for me. I’ll be having a hard day in my brain, and I’ll go for a walk and listen to a nice podcast. And of course, I’m in LA the weather’s perfect. I come from the Midwest, where it’s very snowy and in the winter, but whatever you can do shoveling the deck, that’s something that you can do. It’s just so good for you to ground yourself, and by grounding, I mean putting yourself on nature directly next to nature, especially if you can take your shoes off at the beach and put your feet in the sand.

Oh, so good for your body. So good for your mind. And so good for your soul and so good for your spirit. The other thing that I have incorporated into my daily routine is meditation. Meditating has truly changed me as a person. It’s made me so much less anxious. It’s so crazy to look from where my anxiety was to where it is today. I mean, I couldn’t breathe. I literally, there was a time in my life where I was like, I don’t know if I’m ever going to get a deep breath ever again. And I don’t know if any of you guys have ever felt that before, but it’s awful. It just feels terrible. It’s like you can’t the anxiety just, I couldn’t breathe. That was my physical sign of it. Doing meditation has helped me so much, especially with my soul and my spirit. This year, I’ve opened up to my spirituality.

I had this spiritual awakening that happened that I’m so thankful for. That was very scary when it happened, but I’m so thankful for it. And I’ve been trying to connect with my soul and connect with my higher self. And I’ve all of these things that I’m talking about, help with that. If you’re somebody who’s like, how do I meditate? I suggest just looking up some guided meditations on Spotify. That’s generally what I will do. Or sometimes I’ll just sit in silence. And I’ll I heard this one on a podcast on the wake up with Wesley podcasts. I don’t remember who was speaking, but she said, if you’re sitting, this is when you can just do on your own, obviously deep breath in and out. Focus on the breath. You can count the breath. If it’s hard for you to focus on, you will always have thoughts coming in and out of your brain.

It’s just about noticing them there and then letting them go and breathing in and out. Focusing on your breath and then going from your root chakra, which is basically like your butt. You have your root chakra and just pretend like you have a cord going from your root chakra down to the middle of the earth. Okay. There’s a center, there’s a center there in the middle of the earth. It’s just this magical place: Mother nature, mother earth. Send yourself there through that cord from yourself, down to the middle of the earth. And you can hang out there. There are beautiful blue skies, there’s beautiful green grass.

I’m describing it now, but it looks different to everybody. What does it look like to you in your brain? Get your imagination going. Are there butterflies? Are there flowers? What is the sky? Is there a sunset? Is it clear blue sky? Are there other people around? Is it just you like to get into that space and feel yourself there and just feel the good vibes and the good energy and just allow yourself to be present there no matter what’s going in your brain? That’s something that I recommend. If, if meditation seems, if you’re like, what is meditation? How do I do it? It’s just focusing and flowing inward and being present.

Another thing is tapping into your spirituality. I’ve just explained how I’ve been doing that. I wasn’t spiritual at all.

I didn’t grow up with religion. My parents grew up in a super religious household where they were. Forced to follow specific religions, and they didn’t want that for their kids. We grew up in a non-religious household. We didn’t go to church. I went to church with my grandparents during Christmas ever so often, but it wasn’t something we practice. Like I was never, my mom said she baptized me in her tub. And we weren’t like a godly household by any means. But that’s to say, I don’t think that every household, like when it comes to spirituality, when I was growing up, I thought that the only spirituality was Christianity or Catholic or, all the other types of religions, I thought religion was spirituality, and it’s not. I’ve been tapping into my spirituality, soul’s purpose, and how I want to live out of love and light.

Don’t feel like you need to be a religious person to be spiritual. I just think if you can find any sort of spirituality that speaks to you, that gives you some sort of higher purpose, whether it’s you are leaning into your loved ones on the other side, or whether it’s you believe in God or the universe or the stars or aliens or whatever it is, like find something that you can connect you. Everybody’s spiritual journey is different and unique, and we all have spiritual gifts, whether you want to believe it or not. We all have out-of-this-world spiritual gifts, I’ve been lucky enough to see some crazy things happen to me with my gifts. That seems crazy to other people. But to me, they are very real. I’ve been able to tap into some of those things.

Some of those gifts, we all have them. It’s just about if we’re connecting to them or not. If I just suggest, like finding something spiritually, that you can connect to, you can find purpose in because it helps your soul and your spirit, which all of these things, in turn, help your business and your life and all of it. So beautiful. I love it.

#4: Do what makes you happy

I think that soul and spirit all come down to just doing what makes you happy. And if you’re not happy, your soul is going to feel a bit crushed. Your spirit’s going to feel like it can’t fly. So just finding things that make you happy. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no. And don’t feel like you need to say yes to things that don’t feel right.

I’ve stopped that in my life of like, Oh, but I have to do it even though I don’t want to, that’s not true. If I don’t want to do it, I don’t have to do it. And I don’t care about saying no anymore. I just don’t so feel okay saying no to things that don’t light you up. And another thing with this is if you haven’t tapped into your human designer, learned about human design, or what your human design is, please do. I love human design. It has completely changed my life. The sole toolkit on Instagram is somebody who does readings. Kate is amazing. She did a reading with me. I did the full reading paid for that with her. And it was incredible, highly suggested. She talks so much about business too. It’s not just your life.

It’s like, how do you use your human design to better your business? She’s coming on designer training 2.0 as a guest on the first day because the first day I wanted to, I wanted her to talk about human design and business and how you can use it to your advantage and transform everything you do. I mean, when I talked to her and did my human design reading, literally the next day, I changed my entire business model, and it put all the pieces together for me. It was so wild, so wild, but so amazing. She’s speaking exclusively in the designer training 2.0. We’re getting for all the students who are a part of designer training 2.0, the lives they’re going to send us their birth information so that she can pull up everyone’s charts.

And she can teach from everybody’s charts which are there in the training. I’m so excited. It’s going to be so incredible. Look up your human design chart. Jenna, Zoe also has a great one. You can then start learning about your chart and how you can use it to your advantage in business.

#5: Move toward your soul’s purpose.

Finding what is my soul’s purpose and how do I continuously move towards that will help your soul and help your spirit and just support it to do what it needs to do.

You’re here on earth for a reason. And you need to just move towards that purpose. Whatever it is, it’s going to give you so much life and joy and vibrancy and all of these things I’m talking about. They all play together as one, they’re all separate little tips, but they all play together. And then the final thing I’m going to leave you with today is just to trust, trust that everything in your life is happening for a reason, you you’re being, you were being given challenges that you can get through. You’re not given challenges that you cannot get through. You’re given them for a reason. Everything will make sense. Even the times will soon make sense. Like everything to me, this is just my own opinion. Everything happens for a reason. I always trust every single thing that comes into my life or walks away from my life.

If I do not give it my energy anymore, bad energy anymore, I’m always just like, okay, great. So even if something, even if a door closes that I wasn’t ready to close yet, I’m just like, okay, awesome. Let’s see what’s coming next. Like, I’m always just excited for what’s coming, excited for the lessons. I’m going to learn excited for the opportunities, and I’m going to be faced within my lifetime. Just trust, always have trust in the universe and God and whatever you believe in and understand that you are here in this moment for a reason and just pay attention, just pay attention and try it. The more that you can be like, why is this happening to me? What can I learn from this? It’s going to help you. It’s going to push you closer to that purpose.

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