Dream Smarter Podcast Ep29 - Get Raw With Alex: Why Entrepreneurship?


Dream Smarter Podcast Ep29 – Get Raw With Alex: Why Entrepreneurship?

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Today’s a really interesting episode. It’s a bonus episode because it wasn’t something that I was planning on sharing with anyone, but in true Alex fashion, I want to get real with you. I want to get raw with you. And I want to give you a look behind the curtain as to just little things that I do in business. And one of those things is, I record myself if I’m having a good stream of consciousness. Sometimes it’s really good to record yourself because verbal processing is a thing.

And it’s a thing that works for me. So often, I’ll be talking to my mom on the phone. I call her every Friday night. And that’s often when I come up with many ideas because I have somebody to talk to about them. And I sit, and I can, without any judgment or any pressure after a few glasses of wine, have a real conversation with someone about things. And sometimes the ideas start flowing in my mind, but also out of my mouth. Sometimes, when I’m having those, when I can tell I’m alerted to in my brain of like, wait for a second, I probably should record myself. I will sit down, and I will turn on my camera and record myself.

So that’s what you’re going to be hearing in this episode. It’s something again that I wasn’t planning on sharing, but after I recorded it, I realized how special it was. It made me think, wow, I feel like I need to put this out into the world because often entrepreneurship is so enticing, or it seems so cool because of the lifestyle that you get with it, or the money that comes and all of that. And don’t get me wrong, it’s a great perk. But I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to figure out why am I doing this? And, of course, I love helping people, but it’s deeper than that. What is this purpose? Why am I self-fulfilled by this? Because money could never fulfill me in the way that I’m fulfilled by being an entrepreneur.

I recorded myself, and I’ve been going through this because we’ve been setting up ad funnels. Sophia Amoruso runs the Business Class. She’s super amazing at what she does. And I watch her like a Hawk because I look up to her, and she’s doing things right. And when you find someone who’s doing stuff right, you just got to pay attention, and you’ll see the patterns of how they do it. I’m not talking about copying; I’m talking about processes. Anyway, I get all of her ads, one of them popped up, and it was like her making fun of coaches who are like on the private jets. And I was like, Ooh, yeah, I hate that too. I then looked at my Dream Smarter Podcast episode cover, and it was like me with money raining in the background. And then, I looked at my Instagram profile, and it was me at these luxury hotels.

And I’m like, I do that too. Why do I feel like I need to do that? I was like, wait for a second, Alex; we need to take a step back here. Do you like being an entrepreneur because of the money and because of the lifestyle? Let’s get real with like yourself here. Nobody was listening to this. I had no intention of sharing this. I was just like trying to be as real as with myself. Just be like, do you like the money? Do you like the lifestyle? Is that why you’re doing this?

I love the lavish lifestyle. Do I love drinking In Tiffany’s glass? I also roll my eyes at myself because I also think that that stuff’s so stupid. There is this push and pull of this lifestyle. And I didn’t grow up with money. I’ve never had this kind of money, especially myself. Like I have a dog, and that’s about it. I don’t have a family. I don’t have a significant other, and with COVID, I don’t have anything to spend my money on.

I think money is an indicator of some sort of success. And success means something different to everyone, and that includes money. And you’re like, okay, I’m successful with this money that I have. Look at this money I’ve made. It’s a good indication.

Let’s not kid ourselves on that one. But money is just energy to me. My friend Tina described it in that way, and it was perfect. I’ve never been worried about it. I mean, I haven’t been in a place that I’m in now, but even when I was poor, like living in a van, eating out of a cooler, I still knew it was all going to be okay. And I think that the reason why I’m just trying to get deeper and I’m trying to sit myself down and be like, why are you doing this? Is it for the money? And I think part of me says, yes, I love living a lifestyle where I don’t need to worry.

And I can just do literally whatever. I feel free. But that’s not why the reason why that stuff feels good. I’m trying to go deeper. The reason why that stuff feels good is becuase I’m getting it through purpose. And the money while it matters, it doesn’t matter to me at all. It’s just an indication of how close I am to my purpose. And I don’t think that’s how money works in all cases. But I think that there are some people out there who will understand what I mean by that. More money, more purpose. The more money, the more people I’m impacting. That’s why I love it so much. I don’t think that everybody is connected to it in that way. But for me, and for a lot of entrepreneurs out there, I think that it is because we’re the good ones.

We care. It’s deeper than just being a CEO because being a CEO is cool. I couldn’t not be a CEO. I couldn’t not have the purpose and passion for running a business. The money wouldn’t matter at all. I wouldn’t even want to touch it if it wasn’t from purpose and passion. If it came from something else, ego being untruthful; whatever it may be, It’s not about the money. It’s about the purpose. And it’s about passion. And I think that everybody in this life deserves to find that. And it makes me sad when people don’t or when I see people struggling, but we all have to go through a struggle to get to that point. It never means it’s the end of that you’re not deserving of it.

It just means that you need to go harder. And the harder that you work towards your purpose and what you’re passionate about, no matter what it may be, even if you weren’t getting paid for it, that’s what you should be doing. That’s the universe telling you that that’s what you need to do. And it’s not always spelled out as to how and in what way, but that’s you to figure it out. That’s the fun part. But you have to take risks and chances, and you have to try because if you’ve never tried, it’s never going to happen. And once you do find that purpose, it just starts lining up. It’s incredible to see how you can build a life in front of you like Legos by taking action and continuing to find purpose and speak in passion and do in passion. Then the money just comes, but you’re already happy.

That’s why the money makes it just that extra special. Like there’s a difference between a happy, fulfilled, rich person and one that’s not the happy and fulfilled one. Don’t look at money. They use that as an energy as currency, not in dollars, but energy. And then they put their energy where they want to, whether that’s a bougie vacation with their family for quality time or supporting the cause that they love to support or to buy a new house or to give their employees a bonus. It’s all currency; it’s energy. If you look at it that way and say, where do I want to put my energy? What’s important to me? Is it finding my purpose? Is it taking a chance at something that I want to try and go for it? Or is it adding some extra items to your closet? It’s your choice as to where you want to put it.

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