Dream Smarter Podcast Ep34 - How To Get Your Dream Clients


Dream Smarter Podcast Ep34 – How To Get Your Dream Clients

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Today we are talking about how to get your dream clients. This probably isn’t going to be what you think it is. It’s not going to be like, here are the steps to get your dream clients. I’m actually going to tell you the cold, hard truth of getting your dream clients. If other people are sitting out there telling you differently, they’re probably playing you.

The cold hard truth to finding your dream clients is just a natural progression of you bettering your work, bettering your business, and bettering your client experience. That’s it. It’s really easy to look at High Moon Studio, and where we are right now and be like, they have their dream clients. It was so easy for them to get them. How did they get them? How did they do it?

The fact of the matter is, I have been working with clients now for 10 years. I started working with other people on design projects when I was in middle school. But like paying clients, I was working with people in grad school, doing stuff for free and then doing stuff for like $200.

The cold hard truth is it’s not easy. There is no secret to finding your dream clients. There’s no fast track to success. There’s nothing that’s going to get you to your dream clients. The only way that’s going to get you there is doing the work, making great work, whether it’s a product or a service or whatever, doing it in a way that makes people want it, actually being a great artist. In my case, that means actually being a true creative, coming up with ideas that are only my own, and honing in on my design style to the point where it’s just different than everybody else’s. And so, of course, some people will want it. A lot of people probably don’t like my design style.

When you’re actually in your lane, you will repel people, which is good because you want people who want what you can offer. So realistically, finding your dream clients, it’s just a natural progression. There’s no trick. I have worked my ass off to get here, and I’m working with my dream clients. But what is a “dream client” in all reality? People actually asked me this question a lot. This is an unpopular opinion, I think. But my dream client is myself. I find the most joy in creating projects for myself, starting new businesses, branding those businesses, and creating the product. That’s where I find the most joy. That’s what I want to keep moving into in the future.

All of our clients are my dream clients. We’re starting to work with some really dope people. And not saying that we haven’t in the past. We’ve always worked with really dope people. We’re starting to, let’s say, move into new industries. But basically, my favorite clients or my dream clients are the ones that are a dream to work with. Not like, oh my God, I want to work with XYZ influencer. I want to work with amazing women and men potentially in the future. I want to work with amazing people who support our creativity, and we support theirs, and it’s this beautiful collaboration full of respect and love.

We’re both going to work very hard at getting there because they’re a lot of hard work on both ends that go into a project with us because we obviously need to get stuff from the client. There’s definitely work that the client has to go through, but the end-product is always amazing. And the end product always makes you more way more money than what you paid for it. So that is my dream client.

So, if you’re somebody who doesn’t have a dream client, don’t get down on yourself. But basically, this whole episode, it’s going to be really short because this is all to say, you just got to work really hard. You have to stay consistent. You have to persevere, have tenacity, do a lot of hard work, make sure you’re proud of what you’re doing. I think that that’s a big part of it. You have to be proud of what you’re putting out there, whether it’s an Instagram post or a client project, or a product. And keep at it. Some people get their big breaks, whether it’s like something going viral or this or that, and good for them.

It’s really hard to sustain it, by the way. I mean, like we grew really fast, and growing pains are a real thing. It’s hard to grow a business that fast. It really is. It’s not easy, and that’s why I work all the time. So know that it will come. There’s no secret. The secret is to keep going. You will get it. You will get there as long as you’re yourself. Just make sure you’re being yourself, and then keep at it and try to be a better version of yourself every single day.

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