Dream Smarter Podcast Ep5 - Dealing With Change


Dream Smarter Podcast Ep5 – Dealing With Change

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Everyone is going through such a hard time right now with COVID 19, including myself, everyone around me, and the other entrepreneurs I see online. All this change has been unexpected, and it’s been tough dealing with it.


Now, we are all focused on how we can push our businesses forward, how we can sustain this lifestyle, and how we can deal with being quarantined for weeks.

I am currently sitting on the floor, in a closet, recording this podcast on my computer without all my usual equipment. I came to LA a couple of weeks ago for vacation and a Hustle & Flow workshop, and I’ve had to stay here because of COVID 19. I planned to move to LA in June, but with all that’s going on, I’ve decided to move that up to now. So, I’m looking for a place in LA and move my entire life out here.

I wanted to record this podcast because there is so much change happening, and I want to use this as an opportunity to move my life and my business forward. So today’s episode is all about five steps for dealing with change.


Tip # 1: Be open to change happening because it will


You are never going to get through your life or your business without change happening because it’s always going to be there. It can be small or large…but it will happen. So you need to go into your life & business open to it happening. So you can choose to sit in disbelief, or you can be open to it and roll with the changes.


#2 Accept change when it happens


Ignoring what’s going on isn’t going to stop it. You can’t move forward if you are in denial. So the key is to accept the changes around you and start thinking of ways you can push forward through and with those changes.


# 3 Understand that this change is what’s best for you even if it doesn’t seem like it right now


This a tough one because when things don’t go the way you want them to, life is frustrating. This might seem like the worst thing that could have happened to your business. You may have had to close your doors or may have lost clients. However, I’m choosing to believe that this is what’s best for us as a society right now. We will learn lessons from COVID 19 that we would never have learned if it didn’t happen. Those lessons are going to change our world into something better. Change and failure are very similar in that way. When you fail, you learn lessons that help you move forward in a much stronger way. So think to yourself, what is the universe trying to teach you about your life or your business?


# 4: Use your energy to think positively, not negatively


We all go through periods of anxiety and stress, where we are thinking negatively. You can have that for a moment, but then just tell yourself to knock it off. Use that energy that you’re using to think negatively to start thinking positive thoughts instead. Regardless of how you think, things aren’t going to change. So why not think positively and make things work for you?


#5 Use change to your advantage


Change is going to happen, no matter what. You can use it to bring your life down, or you can use it to bring your life up. So I want to share some ways that I’ve used COVID 19 to build my business stronger.

I have created a modular website template that I wasn’t going to launch until July, and I’m offering it because I know people need help. I haven’t even finished the template yet, but people are buying it because they trust the quality of my work. I saw this time as a chance for me to really help people in a meaningful way and also help my business.

We will all get through this, and I think we can come out stronger and kinder people. I’m here for you, so if you need anything, please feel free to DM me.

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