Dream Smarter Podcast Ep6 - Creating Win-Win Situations


Dream Smarter Podcast Ep6 – Creating Win-Win Situations

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I’ve always been attracted to creating win-win situations in my life, even since I was little. I’m the type of person that’s wanted both parties to succeed.


 I’ve never really understood people who only want themselves to succeed and not others. Why can’t everyone win? That way, everyone is happy, which is such a better vibe than just being better or on top. 

Doing this is super important for when you’re working with clients and your team because it helps lift everyone up. You also have to be aware and be able to move on from relationships or partnerships that aren’t win-win situations. 

Today, I want to share five different ways you can create win-win situations in your life and your business.

Tip # 1: Creating content that fulfills you, that people also love consuming

An excellent example of this is this podcast. This podcast is something I really enjoy doing. I love motivating people. I love inspiring others, and creating this show is just fun. Not only do I love creating this show, but other people also seem to be really enjoying listening to it as well. It’s really fulfilling for people to enjoy something that I enjoy creating. So, therefore, this podcast is a perfect example of a win-win situation.


Tip #2 Trading services

When we were doing Creators In a Van, I hired my first online coach. She had previously been a client of mine, and even though there are a lot of talented coaches out there, this one in particular totally scammed us. She told me to never, ever trade services with anyone. However, when I started High Moon Studio, I began trading services with a ton of women around me locally. For example, I traded services with my friend Ash by designing a logo for her and getting my hair done in return. That has been such a meaningful relationship for me, and it all started with trading services. 

I’ve traded for workouts and photography sessions, and each time, it’s been a win-win situation for both of us. If you can find people that you trust and love want to create a long term relationship with, trading services is a great way to do that!


Tip # 3 Building services and products that are an amazing deal for your clients and you

This one is huge right now. I’ve recently opened up live design labs where my students do everything themselves, but I do live webinars every day (for three weeks or one week if you’re in the Dream Further Program) where I go live, and I go through the lesson. Also, at the end of the lesson, my students can ask questions about their brand, website design, business, etc. It’s such a better experience than just watching a video and not having any kind of support. It’s so rewarding for me to see my students actually using and implementing the things I’ve taught them. It’s a win-win situation because I can offer this training, and then my students can leave the training and go off to do these things themselves. 


(BONUS) Payment Plans

I look at payment plans as a win-win situation because my highest ticket item is $6000. Paying $6000 upfront is difficult for most people. I knew my services were worth that much, but I felt a little weird about asking my clients to pay that much money upfront. So I decided to make payment plans to help my clients afford my services. By no means are they broke, but it just makes more sense for the business to do it this way. 

It’s also much easier for them to say yes when you tell them you only have to pay $500 a month instead of $6000 right now. This is a win-win situation because I can consistently bring in income every month while also supporting other entrepreneurs in a way that is financially viable for them. 


Tip # 4: Supporting businesses you love while getting a referral bonus

There are a lot of businesses out there that have referral codes, and they will give you money if someone uses your link to sign up. For example, Flodesk is a company I truly love, and I think their product is so innovative. Flodesk has a link that you can share with other people where they can get 50% for life. Every time someone signs up with that code, you get $19. So it’s a win-win-win situation because someone gets 50% off, I get another source of income, AND I get to support a company that I genuinely love.


Tip #5: Finding individuals that you love working with and love working with you too

This tip doesn’t really have anything to do with making money. We are running our own business and not at a corporate job where we are forced to be friends with people we don’t want to be friends with. So that means we get to choose whoever we want to work with. That’s what’s key to this whole thing: finding your people. As humans, we crave connection. So it’s so important to find that connection with other people that are authentic and get you. The win-win situation is finding people that make you happy and making them happy in return.

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