3 Festive Cocktails to Wine-d Down — Easy Fall Cocktail Recipes


3 Fall Cocktails to Wine-d Down this Weekend

When we all first started working from home, we were THRILLED. We had all the time in the world because no one was telling us to be in the office at 9am on the dot, there was no commute eating up hours of our day, and we finally were in control of our schedules.

But as time has gone on, we’ve discovered how difficult it can be to set boundaries between work and our personal lives. After all, if you’re not leaving the office each evening, how do you signify when the day is over and it’s time to unwind?  

Setting healthy boundaries isn’t easy. We get it — there is always more you can be doing, but it’s important to find a fun way to wind down and disconnect after a long day at the ‘office.’ Our way of signaling it’s quitting time is to whip up a healthy cocktail or pour a hefty glass of red wine, but lately we’ve been reaching for festive infusions to get us into the fall spirit! 

We hope these fall cocktails inspire you to put the laptop away and reward yourself after a long day of wins! After all, burnout is a real thing and no one wants that! 

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The key to a delicious at-home margarita is minimal ingredients. These Apple Cider Margaritas from from Lively Table are not only the perfect drink for fall but also contain items that are probably already on your bar cart, which means you can whip them up in a flash! We envision these being a huge hit for a Halloween gathering (socially distanced, of course) or a festive zoom happy hour! 


Rose isn’t just a summer drink, ya’ll! (Although, who could resist a crisp glass of  Summer Water all year long?) A spin on an old classic, this Rose Sangria from Wholefully  is a deliciously bubbly and fruity beverage that isn’t too sweet and can be made ahead to last the whole week or shared among friends for a Bachelorette viewing party


We finally found something to do with all the apples from the apple farm that we visited to take instagram photos 😉 Warm yourself from the inside out with the deliciously sweet and spiced Bourbon Cider from Broma Bakery that is perfect for a chilly Fall evening! Makes us want to grab a few blankets and sit by the fire!