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How To Create An Instagram Story Template You Can Edit On Your Phone

Love using Canva to create unique graphics for your Instagram story but wish you could edit them quickly on your phone instead? This is for you.

I was doing a lot of thinking about our client’s business and social media needs, one of them being able to create their own graphics that are well-designed! When you’re not a designer it can be hard to put something together that isn’t messy yet unique and on-brand.

To solve this problem, we came up with a quick + easy way to create a custom graphic in Canva that you can update to fit your content in the actual Instagram app (so no need to lug your laptop around everywhere!).


Step 1 – Create a new design (Instagram Story size) in Canva

Make sure you update your brand kit inside Canva with your custom logos, colors + fonts before beginning the design process!


Step 2 – Build a simple design you can add content to in Instagram

You will be able to add text and images in the instagram app, so keep the template you build in Canva simple! I like to put our logo + website in the template in case anyone decides to screenshot it or use it in their stories. Build the template with your brand colors + unique typography pairs. Don’t have a color palette or typography choices for your brand? DO THAT FIRST! One of the most important parts of branding is to keep everything consistent, and I promise your business will look 1098023490283x more professional if you follow this rule.


Step 3 – Download the template from Canva, airdrop or send it to your phone, and upload into your instagram story.

Once you do this, you will be able to add type AND imagery, and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that!


Add type to explain a sale, process, or anything you want to write about!

Add imagery from your photos app

This is the fun part. You can go into your photos, select the one you want to put in your IG story (make sure you already have your template up in IG stories before you do this next step), click the up arrow, select ‘copy,’ head back into your IG app + see the sticker ready for you to add to your IG story. It’s MAGIC.


view the video on how to add photo ‘stickers’ to your stories here



Now you have a template that’s on brand, clean, + ready for you to upload to your stories while you’re on the go!