My Complete Branding Checklist - High Moon Studio


My Complete Branding Checklist

Your brand is the most important part of your business.


It is the first thing that your audience and competitors see. Brand design, essence, and consistency is the most important part of creating your business. Let’s get started to make sure you check off everything on your branding list!

Branding Design Elements: 

  • Color Palette (5-6 colors) 
  • Logos (Main logo (at minimum), Secondary logo, Icon logo) 
  • Fonts (Maximum 3 fonts – header, body + display)

Brand Essence: 

  • Brand Mission (Why did you start your business and what do you hope to accomplish?)
  • Target Audience (Who do you want to aim all of your business towards?)
  • Brand Vision (What do you hope your business looks like in the future?)
  • Brand Value (What is something your brand has that other businesses don’t?)
  • Brand Promise (What can you promise to your clients?)
  • Brand Personality (What do you hope people feel when they look at your brand? What is your tone?)

Other Items To Consider:

  • Website Hosting + Domain  (Your website should reflect your branding design elements.)
  • Business Cards (If you sell in person, having business cards isn’t a bad idea. A simple version of your contact information and brand design elements combined is plenty.)
  • Business Email + Email Signature (Your email should be the same as your website or something very similar. Your email signature should be a unique way of singing off!)
  • Social Media Presence  (You should have the same handle for all to make sure your website and social media has brand consistency.)