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October Horoscope Trends For Your Business

Welcome to your Monthly Business Forecast according to the Stars! And this month of October the stars are aligning to give you a jam-packed social calendar! Why? Because October is ruled by Libra, and this fun flirty sign loves to get involved. Things might be cooling down where you are but this does not slow down during Libra season. In fact this Air sign always finds a way to stay connected and this is due to the relatability and likability of Libra. You can always rely on this sign of the scales to bring the harmony back to the people, and centre good aesthetic – ALWAYS.

And in case you’ve forgotten, we are in a Mercury Retrograde, and yes it’s in Libra. So expect a busy month, with lots of opportunities to re-connect with people of the past, and second chances. If you’re typically an indecisive person, don’t pressure yourself to make any solid decisions if you aren’t 100% sold on it. Use that Libra Air quality and call in the right people to help you out when needed.

All dates in PDT, please adjust to your time zone or roughly 1 day forward if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia. Also another tip, transits are felt on either side of the exact date – so there lies your window of opportunity!


October 1st, 2021


On the 1st Mercury Retrograde will Square Pluto which inclines us to ruminate over past issues. And on the same day, Mars will Oppose Chiron bringing us an energy of conflict and confrontation. So that we avoid taking out our frustrations on each other, we can use this energy for deep thinking and problem-solving. There’s potential to dig deep and reveal some solutions to any outstanding issues that you may have had which could have caused roadblocks to your business growth.


October 2nd, 2021


The following day on the 2nd Venus will form a lovely sextile to Pluto. The thing about sextile aspects is that whilst their influence is harmonic, it’s not very strong unless you cooperate and put in some effort. Venus is the planet of our values and feelings, and today we may feel more passionate and devoted to doing the thing we love to do! So don’t waste your time on the mundane tasks, instead, put your focus on the parts of your business that you really enjoy. When we set our full focus and attention towards something we can expect to have much better results.


The Week of
October 4th, 2021


We start the week of the 4th with Mercury trine to Jupiter, and both of these planets being in Air signs will encourage us to connect. Jupiter in Aquarius is associated with the collective conscious aka what joins us all together as one. Some of you may have heard of this new “Aquarian era” that we have entered back in December 2020. This is the time of information; where information is the new currency. You can have the most beautiful graphics and social layout, but what will set you apart from the rest is if your message hits and holds truth and depth.


October 6th, 2021


The New Moon on the 6th will be in the sign of Libra, and this is a special one because the Sun and Moon will also be lining up with Mars. With this planetary triplet, our wants, needs, and motivation line up in the sign of relationships and harmony (not only that but we also have Mercury Retrograde in Libra as well!) This can be an ideal time to set your intentions around attracting your dream clients; Who are they? What do they like? How would they like to receive your content? Set your intention to call in your soul clients!

The energy is about to get a lot lighter as Venus shifts into Sagittarius on the 8th. We want to have fun, take risks, and make bold moves. We are reminded that personal and professional growth is all about adventure. What can we learn from the highs and lows in business and life? Sometimes we take gambles and they pay off, other times they don’t and there’s wisdom in it all.

There’s also a special planetary meeting on the same day with Mars and the Sun. In Astrology lingo it’s called a Cazimi and it’s said to be fortifying for the planet in contact with the Sun. With Mars in Libra, we are aware of what’s working, and what’s not. Gain insights, make adjustments if need be, but there’s a sense of over-confidence on this day so hold off making any major moves until Mercury Retrograde is over.


October 9th, 2021


On the 9th The Sun is Conjunct Mercury Retrograde – another Cazimi. This one is best spent reflecting rather than moving forward, and whilst you might get some great insights during this conjunction, write them down because (I’ll say it again!) we are usually better off waiting until Mercury stations direct to act upon anything. Why? You might ask, well during a Mercury Retrograde our perception of a situation is just different. It is that way so that we can gather more information about an issue that hasn’t been resolved. Therefore chances of you changing your mind after the planet has stationed direct is highly likely.


The Week of
October 11th, 2021


This week of the 11th starts with Saturn Stationing Direct. The planet that’s all about putting in the work is about to move forward through Aquarius again (if you have your Natal Saturn in the degrees of 6 -13 Aquarius, hello 3rd hit of your Saturn Return!) It takes a few days to build proper forward momentum, so if you feel a little stuck or resistant today – take the pressure off productivity and focus on something that’s effortless.


October 12th, 2021


On the 12th the Moon enters emotionally resilient Capricorn to square Mercury Retrograde and Mars. Again the tendency is to get in our own way of forward momentum by thinking about things too much. Flow and momentum is all about the mindset, and Capricorn loves to achieve – so set yourself small little workable goals to keep you motivated through the day.


October 15th, 2021


The 15th brings us arguably one of the best feelings of all solar transits – and that’s Sun Trine Jupiter. You should use your high spirits to cash in on the good vibes! This is an auspicious day that may be financially favourable, so make the most of it but without going overboard of course.


October 17th, 2021


The Sun will Square Pluto on the 17th and ultimately this transit is to help us become aware of our personal power. We are disempowered every time we give in to external pressure against our will. Circumstances may be beyond our control, however, we remain sovereign by how we choose to respond and show up in business and life when a challenge arises.


October 18th, 2021


DRUMROLL PLEASE! The day has finally come October 18th…Mercury is Direct! I know this month has felt like a year but we can all collectively take a sigh of relief as things start to return to normal. Remember we do have an adjustment period as Mercury is in shadow until November 2nd, so there may still be a few glitches. Also on the 18th Jupiter will Station direct and Trine Mars – talk about forward momentum, this is a real boost of energy and enthusiasm – and we need it!


October 20th, 2021


On the 20th the Full Moon in Fiery Aries brings emotions to a peak. Where we have felt resentment or bottled up frustration for things, it may come to a head under this transit. This moon gives you the courage you need to let the truth fly. Just aim it in the right direction that can potentially provoke changes for the better.

Mars Squaring Pluto on the day following the full moon can be very powerful, but potentially destructive if we let our emotions control our actions. If you have the energy to do something bold, make sure you’re in the right headspace for it. And as a positive side effect, going against the grain and standing out from the rest can help you gain some authority in your niche.


October 22nd, 2021


It’s Scorpio Season! The sun moves into intense water sign Scorpio on the 22nd, any ideas we have been flirting within Libra season will be ready for commitment baby! Enjoy this change of pace, Scorpio is all about the truth, depth, and potency. It’s connected to all things occult and taboo so play around with your marketing strategy to reflect what the collective subconscious is attracted to now.


The Week of
October 26th, 2021


The final week of October has Venus forming a Square to Neptune on the 26th. And whilst these two planets are both soft and emotional, the square aspect indicates a conflict of interest. There may be misunderstandings under this transit, you may get easily distracted, confused, lose motivation. Financial decisions on this day may bring some sacrifice or loss because we are influenced by emotion rather than logical sense. However this energy is super conducive to inspire creativity, we have the ability to connect intuitively to the heart of others. Make this a creative day rather than engaging in tasks that require system and logic.

On the 26th Venus will be sextile to Jupiter, and you’ll likely be in an extra generous mood. Think about how you can share gratitude and extend your appreciation to your clients, it will likely be very well received. Remember the cycle of abundance involves you being in reciprocity, if you give generously from your heart you are likely to receive in return ten-fold.


October 30th, 2021


The final transit of October we have Mars entering Scorpio on the 30th. Mars is at home here in Scorpio, so we may feel more decisive and determined about getting the job done. Scorpio doesn’t play, and since we are getting a collective boost of will, why not check out your own Natal Chart to see where Scorpio occupies so that you can determine where to focus your energy!