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Our Predicted Design Trends In 2021

Our predictions are in 👀

Branding design is constantly evolving to stay fresh and relevant. Those ‘out of the box’ design trends we saw just even last year are now becoming overused and tired. That’s why here at High Moon we are constantly staying on the cutting edge of what’s coming next so that we can keep our clients ahead of the competition.

From metallics to the return of the classic Helvetica, we’re sharing the 7 design trends we’re convinced are going to flood the design space in 2021.



High End Finishes Used Physically, Not Digitally

Who remembers a few years ago when the digitally constructed gold foil was a thing? *puke*

We predict in 2021 these high end finishes will make a comeback, but in a much classier way. You probably know we are all about luxe photoshoots here at High Moon Studio, and we imagine beautiful metallic finishes will be used big-time in different shoots, bringing a super high-end vibe to brands.





Lots of video & lots of video GIFs

A user has about 5 seconds before they decide to stick around or leave a website or social profile. Movement is something that can keep people interested in sticking around. A great way to do this is through video GIFs because not only do they work great on desktop design, but they also translate into mobile super well.





Colorless Design

There’s nothing more timeless than a neutral. You can dress it up and dress it down depending on your mood.





Polished Retro Vibes

I’m not talking the desert themed, 70’s vibes that were rolling through the branding space in 2020. I’m talking about a new kind of retro, an updated, MODERN kind of retro. Pulling creative themes from the past and modernizing them with 2021 design technology. Nostalgic, but fresh.





Geometric Shapes, But Not Arches

Arches were a beautifully popular trend in the branding and design world in 2020. I don’t think they 

will necessarily go away, but as trend-setters we can predict the shapes trend is going to transition into something a bit more geometric. Think DIAMONDS, square lines, octagons, and free shapes.





Classic Fonts Make A Come-back

Helvetica, Bookmania, Arial — I see them all coming back into the picture this year. After the crazy year 2020 brought us, people are being more drawn to old, timeless, tried-and-true classics.






Texture was a huge part of 2020 design, and we see this transitioning into 2021 within COLOR. Fun gradients will give the brands texture in a custom-to-them kind of way.



What are YOUR design trend predictions for 2021?

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