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September Horoscope Trends For Your Business

September is here already?! Eeek! Let’s get to work!

Lucky we have the Sun in Virgo on our side for the first part of the month. Virgo is all about the attention to the details, never letting anything less than ideal slip past this overly analytical sign. Here we have an opportunity to refine and perfect what we have been working so hard on, but let’s not allow this equally debilitating false sense of perfection stand in our way to launch things. As this Earth sign is all for the to-do lists, also remind yourself that you don’t have to go at it alone ie. you can delegate and ask for help. But it’s all in the name of loving what you do which feeds the soul of Virgo! The invitation here – If you are not obsessed with your life, change it!

All dates in PDT, please adjust to your time zone or roughly 1 day forward if you are in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia. Also another tip, transits are felt on either side of the exact date – so there lies your window of opportunity!

We start the month of September with Mars in Virgo opposing Neptune on the 2nd.

Under this transit we want to be mindful of confusion and overcomplicating things. It’s not a great time to be taking big risks in your business because your expectations may be out of touch. Rather focus on your creativity.

On the 4th Mercury makes a harmonious aspect to Saturn

and if there ever was a time to make meaningful connections with people it is now. With these planets both in Air signs, the chances of co operation, networking and making successful deals are high!

The 5th brings us a heavy Venus Square Pluto,

which can surface any underlying control issues making it hard to do things like delegate or ask for help. This is the best time to make a list of the work to be don’t for the week ahead, prioritise the jobs that only you can do, and hand over the rest. For solo Business owners, don’t take on too much to create unnecessary pressure on yourself.

On the 6th we have the Virgo New Moon AND Mercury enters its shadow period!

Is this to do with the fearful Mercury Retrograde you ask? Well yes, but don’t fret – because if you’re reading this you’re already prepared! Number one tip : Double check the dates in your digital calendar, and set reminders! Back up your work, especially everything to do with your social media. If you have posts planned, I recommend saving them on your computer instead of as a draft within your social media app. And with this New Moon in Virgo lies the perfect opportunity to set some short term goals within your business. Make it realistic and map out the process – Virgo loves that!

Venus the planet that symbolises money & values enters water sign Scorpio on the 10th.

This is a great time to learn about wealth & investing into the future of your business! Get good with the back end of your business and if you don’t know where to start, speak with a boss accountant or business strategist.

The Sun opposite to Neptune on the 13th,

signals our cosmic reminder to take a break. Energy levels tend to be low during this time, you may feel more tired than usual. Prioritise rest and turn to the activities that allow you to flow. Re-charge your batteries, especially as Virgo season can get us caught up in the hustle.

On the 14th Mars the planet of action and drive enters air sign Libra.

We want to create a sense of balance and harmony under this transit. So take time to re- adjust your work space and environment so that it is conducive to enhance your work flow and overall mood.

Venus Square to Saturn on the 16th

brings us some reliable and responsible energy when it comes to money and finances. You will feel accomplished if you can ensure all outstanding bills and invoices are up to date. Any time Saturn influences the sky, we feel compelled to work. So ensure all major tasks are completed so that when you do knock off, you can actually relax.

The Month peaks with the Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th.

You may be feeling more open minded  to try new things and extra imaginative under this lunation. This is an energy to harvest when it comes to thinking outside the box. Brainstorm for ways to take your work into a fresh and new direction. Listen to your intuition and go with your hunches. Business is energetic so feel into what wants to be expressed, as your clients are likely to respond if you meet them where they are at.

The day following the Full Moon on the 21st Mercury Squares Pluto

and this can bring some intense interactions with people. So try and keep an open mind and instead focus your mental energy researching something like the algorithm.

On the 22nd it’s Libra Season,

great taste and aesthetic is a must! Libras ruler Venus will make an opposition to Uranus today so watch that spending! There’s a tendency to forget about the budget or assessing risk under this transit.

Working on the weekend? Because Mars is Trining Saturn on the 25th, you just can’t help it. Any action you take during this time will leave long lasting results!

This week finishes with Mercury Stationing Retrograde in the late evening of the 26th.

Because you’ve already prepared your calendar and tech for this earlier in the month, you now get to sit back and let the Retrograde to its thing. What will be revealed to you until the 18th of October will likely be themes of boundaries. Because this retrograde is through the sign of Libra, there will be an emphasis on relationships. Which of your current relationships are supportive and which dynamics are draining? And if there are certain dynamics where the energy exchange feels uneven, how can you express your boundaries to ensure your wellbeing?

The last transit of the month is a harmonious one between the Sun and Saturn on the 29th

where all of your hard work up to this point will likely pay off. Giving you a boost of confidence and satisfaction for everything you’ve put in thus far. Don’t forget to give yourself the recognition you deserve, celebrate your wins because you earned it!





Author / High Moon Studio Astrologer / Amber Harkin