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September Horoscopes: The Scorpio Boss


There’s a quote that says “true friends aren’t the ones who make your problems disappear. They are the ones who won’t disappear when you’re facing problems.”


And we know that trust and loyalty are some of the most important values you hold as a Scorpio. So be the boss that is as equally dedicated and caring as you are discerning with whom you share your magic with. You don’t need to extend your energy with those who are unappreciative of it. When you resonate alignment with your values, the exact right clients and people will be attracted to you because of that. Especially because this months Full Moon is energising your house of creativity. You will want to do something that lights you up and share it within your network.


Those who value your work will always be there, allow anyone else to fall away.




Author / High Moon Studio Astrologer / Amber Harkin