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Show Yourself Some Love – 9 Things I’m Loving Lately

This is your sign it’s time to treat yourself.

If there is anything I’ve learned in the past year it’s that we have to practice more self-love. So in honor of Valentine’s Day around the corner (the ultimate day of self-love in my opinion!), I’m sharing a little roundup of some miscellaneous items that I’ve been loving lately. I hope this inspires you to treat yourself to something that will bring you happiness – whether it’s something small or a big-ticket item!

Scroll through to see 9 things that have been bringing me joy and find some fun items to treat yourself to this week!

#1 –  Buying Myself flowers 

I’ve stopped waiting on someone to show me love by sending flowers — I just buy them for myself! Because is there anything better than a fresh, beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers to revamp and rejuvenate your space? Right now, I’m been obsessing over Floret & Foliage for shipped florals and Lou Flowers for local delivery in LA!

#2 – Winding Down with the Poosh Diffuser 

I’m big on vibes, so I try to keep my space as positive and uplifting as possible throughout the day. The Poosh by Kourtney Kardashian diffuser is so luxe and adds instant relaxation and stillness to my apartment – it literally feels like you’re standing next to a waterfall! Not to mention how cute it looks styled on a bookshelf.

#3 – Lighting Some Boujee Ass Candles  

There is truly nothing better than lighting a candle to set a mood. Whether it’s getting into the zone for a long workday or enjoying some late-night tv with a glass of red wine, I rely on candles to add ambiance to my space. My favorite at the moment is the Diptyque Candles in Amber!

#4 – Adding House Plants To My Space 

You can see a running theme happening here – I’m big about my environment. Especially since I spend so much of my time at home these days, my space needs to bring me joy! I’ve been loving greenery to instantly add interest and accentuate my home design! It’s hard to stop myself from buying more. I’m thinking about adding a cute dragon tree to my collection!

#5 – Using Aesthetic AF Hand Soap 

It’s time to level up from those grocery store hand washes ladies! Not only are so many of them filled with toxic ingredients, but they can be such an eyesore. I’m all about having a hand wash that looks great on the vanity and provides a lingering scent and hydration. Try swapping your current hand soap with this Byredo one – trust me it’s game-changing!

#6 – Perfecting the Perfect Pout

Nothing beats a great, neutral lip! I’ve been loving this liner/lipstick duo from Charlotte Tilbury for its perfect lasting color, and that IMO, it looks great on everyone! And if you’re looking for some lip plumping action – I’ve been obsessing over this clean plumping gloss from Lawless. You can check out some of my other beauty favs here!

#7 – Doing My Nails At Home

With still so many limitations in LA, getting my nails done at the salon is a thing of the past so I’ve been relying on Static Nails to give me the perfect mani. And that best part is that I can switch out my nail color quickly and efficiently before a photo shoot or just for fun – no salon required!

#8 – Most Recent Read 

When I have downtime, I opt for a good book. I’ve been getting deep into spiritual books lately (mind, body, soul = good business), and have been reading Energetic Boundaries! I’m headed on a little work vacation to Miami in a few weeks and will definitely be bringing this along.

#9 – Taking Probiotics 

Gut health, am I right? If you’re looking for a new probiotic to help with healing your gut, these are my new favorites! Never underestimate how much your gut affects your mood, day, and business. Health is wealth.

What are some ways you’re practicing self-love? Share some things that are bringing you joy and happiness on our latest Instagram – @highmoonstudio

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