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Showit vs. WordPress

WordPress Cons:

  • More security breaches than other platforms
    • WordPress is considered an “open source platform” so there is no customer service if your site goes down or something happens to your information.
  • Not user friendly to update content
    • WordPress is more of a custom HTML or coding situation, so when you need to update your information, you need to get into the actual code of it.

WordPress Pros:

  • Variety of Templates
    • Thousands of templates to choose from
  • Variety of Plugins
  • King of SEO
    • WordPress helps you skyrocket on the charts which may help with business

ShowIt Pros:

  • No code necessary with Showit
  • Customer service and entire list of help docs (
  • Limitless design opportunities
    • Drop and drag service (kind of like illustrator)
  • Includes the best of both worlds—> WordPress blogging
    • a custom website on Showit and a custom WordPress blog template
  • Maximum mobile capabilities
    • ShowIt creates a completely separate mobile app that you can design

ShowIt Cons:

  • Limited in e-comemerce capabilities
    • You can however add a Shopify button on
  • Must use Google Chrome