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The Pros and Cons of Being Self Employed

Before starting High Moon Studio (and Creatives in a Van prior to that), I worked the nine to five and had my fair share of corporate America, quickly realizing it wasn’t my thing. Being a self employed entrepreneur is high risk, high reward. By being my own boss, I am left with a lot of decisions. Every big and small problem is now my problem no matter what, and that is what makes being self employed such a great journey. If you’re thinking about entering the world of entrepreneurship, you must consider these basic pros and cons of owning your own business, stated below.



– You are your own boss.
– You decide your own hours.
– You can work in your pajamas and in your bed.
– Choose who you work with, or if you work alone.
– You choose your customers.
– Freedom to do more of what you love.



– The possibility of irregular pay.
– No sick pay, annual leave, or company benefits.
– Multitasking all the time.
– Distractions at home (ex. pets, family, cleaning).
– Self employment taxes.
– Your business only does as well as you do.
– You’re ‘kind of’ working 24/7.
– Everything is on your shoulders.