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Tools We Use to Grow Our Business Fast

As an entrepreneur, staying organized is crucial to growing your business fast. The organization allows you to be more productive and complete day-to-day tasks more efficiently. With so many web-based tools and software to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are right for you and your team.

When it comes to business tools, it’s important to find the one that fits your needs. We’ve tried so many over the years, which has allowed us to narrow down a comprehensive list of tools and platforms that we love and have helped us grow our business from solopreneur to a new-age style agency.


Read on for our tried-and-true, #HMS approved tools that will help you scale and grow your business fast!


#1 – Dubsado




It has taken years of trial and error to find a platform that helps automate workflows and client management, and we will tell you that there is nothing quite like Dubsado on the market.


Dubsado is an online management tool that helps organize and automate your client process. The platform itself has so many amazing features for streamlining the client onboarding process, as well as the client communication systems. It also captures leads, automates workflows, houses your contracts and proposals, as well as automates invoices. You name it, Dubsado does it!


 If you want to learn how to set up your Dubsado account to best serve your clients, sign up for our Dubsado Masterclass! We will teach you about forms, proposals, contracts, invoicing, and setting up custom workflows. The perfect way to level up your business or side hustle this year!


#2 – Flodesk



Anyone else so sick of email platforms that charge you once you hit certain milestones? It is almost as if they are punishing you for growing your business!

Enter: Flodesk, a super intuitive platform (no fancy tech skills required!) that helps you create gorgeous, high converting email campaigns. It truly makes sending beautiful emails as simple as posting to your Instagram! From the moment you enter the platform, you are met with beautiful templates and layouts that you can completely customize to be ON BRAND AF in a matter of minutes.

Everything about Flodesk is top notch and we recommend it to all our clients (and you, too!). Give it a try & get 50% off your monthly subscription FOR LIFE using this link: click here!


#3 – IG Hashtag Generator



You’ve probably heard by now that hashtags are a must for attracting, engaging, and building an audience on Instagram. While you may be tempted to fill your post with the same hashtag groupings, it has been shown that Instagram penalizes people who reuse the same set repeatedly! That’s why we always suggest customizing your hashtags to match the content of each post.

However, this can get super exhausting to generate them organically and produce a new set every single time you upload. That’s when a hashtag generator comes in handy. We love using this one because it generates related hashtags based on ones you are already using.

[[ PS: Should we make a post all about your Instagram tips & tricks? ]]


#4 – ClickUP



If you’ve taken any of our masterclasses, you know that we are all about Trello over here! We love the simple design for client management (more on that later), but it wasn’t the most robust system for internal communications. When we started hiring, we knew it was time to switch to a platform that allowed for more team collaboration and organization.

Unlike other productivity platforms, ClickUp was designed to provide the perfect user experience that translates into efficiency and productivity. If you are used to another platform then there may be a slight learning curve, but in practice, it actually makes project management much easier.


#5 – Shopify



If you are an online business and aren’t using Shopify, then you’re doing it all wrong! Just kidding, but when it comes to customizing your online store and promoting your products, Shopify will revolutionize your e-commerce business and grow your sales streams FAST. It also manages your inventory, payments, and shipping from a central cloud-based platform.


Need help making your shop on brand AF? We can help! Apply to work with us by clicking the link here.


#6 – Showit

We get so many questions about which platform is best for website design (you can find our pro-con list for WordPress vs. Showit here!). When it comes to website builders, we prefer something that is streamlined, easy to use, and looks professional. That’s why we always design in Showit.

Showit is a drag-and-drop website builder that truly allows you to get creative. If you have your website professionally designed (or if you are doing it yourself), you’ll be able to update and maintain your design confidentially due to its user experience and no code is necessary!

Not sure where to start? Join our FREE Showit Design Training by clicking the link!


#7 – Trello


As we mentioned, we love using Trello to manage our client projects. It’s a great platform for task management because it gives you a visual overview of every project and the task associated with it. We like keeping all our client communication, drafts, final files, and timelines in a Trello board so that everything stays in one place and is easy to refer back to (say goodbye to deliverables being lost in email!)


Trello is a platform we highly recommend to our students because it makes working with clients so streamlined. Clients always appreciate how organized and easy it is to reference throughout the project duration. If you work with clients, we definitely suggest giving it a try to save yourself so many headaches. Click here! 



#8 – Google Analytics & FB Pixel



If you haven’t started tracking analytics, you NEED to. Data is everything and Google Analytics is a seriously underused FREE tool that could change the landscape of your business.

Data should back everything you do in your business, so use those free metrics to understand your customer’s behavior. Look into who your customer is (age, gender, location), and how they found your website. See what your most popular content is, where traffic is coming from, your total conversions, and more. With this information, you’ll be able to make fully informed business decisions and grow your business faster.


#9 – Canva



Newsflash: You do NOT need to be a designer to make beautiful graphics. Although, we can teach you a thing or two about being one 😉

Canva is our go-to graphic design tool for creating and sharing custom graphics with our clients. Our clients are not designers in most cases, so we love that Canva gives them the confidence to be able to use and edit their files with ease. Plus, it’s free with a basic membership so there is no pressure for our clients to purchase anything.



#10 – Adobe Creative Cloud


No matter how impressive your product or service, you can’t expect people to find you without the right marketing tools. That’s where Creative Cloud comes into play. Adobe’s collection of 20+ platforms for photography, design, video, web, UX and more, gives you incredible versatility to build exceptional marketing campaigns that convert. Creative Cloud also has a team plan that allows members to share assets seamlessly and collaborate, which builds efficiently into your workflow.



#11 – The Things 3 App & iCal



There are so many task management tools on the market, but our founder Alex swears by the Things 3 App. If you struggle to keep up with all your tasks (both personal and work!), then the Things app with certainly help you stay organized. It’s easy to use while still offering enough features to stay on track.

We love the “upcoming” feature where you can infinity scroll into the future and see what you have planned. And we love that you can see everything in hindsight in a quick glance including your calendar (iCal for us!), to-do list, and reminders – the holy trinity of productivity!



What are some of your favorite tools you have found that helped grow your business?

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