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Our Top Tips to Establish a Data-Driven Brand Strategy

Companies who have a cult following know that their brands extend far beyond the logo. They know that everything from the language on their social media captions to the packaging of their products makes a difference. In a digital world full of brands bombarding our Instagram feeds, consumers crave unique experiences that align with their values, mission, and personal interests. That’s why it’s become more important than ever to establish a data-driven brand strategy that will attract your dream clients or target customers.


As a modern brand builder, we have access to so much data but rarely do we use it when developing a brand strategy. The leading brands can identify and understand what their customers want/need and use that knowledge to generate an experience that is unlike any other. The result is a brand that is recognized and chosen out of a long list of options.


How to Establish a Data-Driven Brand Strategy


1. Perform a Brand Audit

Take a deep dive into your business and audit all of your internal and external branding assets. Take a look at your website analytics, audit your social media pages, etc. Branding audits give you an opportunity to look holistically at your company and ultimately decide if what you are doing is working. It also allows you to evaluate if there are inconsistencies. Presenting a cohesive brand across platforms can increase revenue by 23% (Forbes) so this step is crucial. Click here to learn how to perform a brand audit.


2. Transform Information into Insights

Once you’ve audited all your platforms, you can begin identifying trends and patterns. You may even uncover unexpected insights that could help drive more growth. Maybe you’re spending too much time marketing on a platform that only a low percentage of your purchases are coming from. Or maybe you’re messaging just isn’t aligning with your target demographic. Use these insights to craft an even better marketing plan that will move the needle forward.


3. Act on Key Insights – Quickly

Data is only as good as what you do with it. Once you established a gap in your strategy, pivot quickly and take action. Making business decisions backed by data will differentiate you from the competition, attract your clients/customers and set your brand up for success. And don’t be afraid to keep adjusting your strategy as you grow!



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