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Interested in working with Alex & the High Moon Studio Team on a Branding or Website Design project?

We will not be releasing our 2021 schedule until late December. That schedule includes any completely custom brand and website design projects, semi-custom brand and website design projects, the designer training 2.0, and any future masterclasses.

All 2021 projects will be scheduled on an application-only, first come, first serve basis. Once our schedule goes live, we will first notify the waitlist via email (prior to announcing on social media).  Prior to our new schedule being released via email, we will send the date/time of the 2021 schedule drop so you can plan it into your schedule.  We will be taking on less projects next year, and because of the high demand (of which we are extremely grateful), you should expect to see a price increase in our services and trainings provided, and less availability in our schedule (which is why it's so important to stay on top of the 2021 schedule drop).

We, of course, will continue to expand our client experience and value with each price increase. If you'd like to work with High Moon Studio in 2021, please place your email below in the waitlist form. This is the best way to secure a spot in our 2021 schedule.  Thank you for your patience and love for High Moon Studio. Xo, Alex

our 2020 schedule is officially booked for the year

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