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Alex Krahling

Founder/Educator/Wine Lover

Alex is the Creative Director behind everything you see here on High Moon Studio. Currently living in LA, her passions include helping others, always moving forward, aesthetically pleasing *anything,* and her dog Hanes. Alex's motto is "Don't just design a beautiful business, design a beautiful life."

Do It Yourself Design

Live Design + Business Labs/Website Template

View our DIY services that include a 1:1 hands-on coaching call with Alex, The modular website template for Showit, and our live brand and website design trainings. Great for entrepreneurs who recently started a business & are looking for great design at a low investment cost.

Custom Sh*t

Done For You Design

You're a busy person, am I right? Let us take the lead and custom design you a brand, website design and overall visual identity with your vision in mind. It will be magical.


Building Brand Giants

Want to take our relationship to the next level? Not only will we develop your overall creative direction, brand + website, but we'll help you plan shoots, design interior spaces, and more.

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"I was blown away by her professionalism, timeliness, and most of all her obvious skill in translating my vision into a coherent brand image. I now feel confident in showcasing my company."

"Alex is an absolute dream to work with!! I just booked her to help me with a third project now and I am so excited because I KNOW her work and I know I can trust her to help me execute my vision for my brand!"

"Her knowledge, education and experience in branding and web design makes her the best of the best and worth every penny! She has a way of taking my vision and bringing it to life in a way that’s better than I could have imagined."

"Alex brought the visions I had in my mind and a small Pinterest board to life in my rebranding logo. It is exactly what I was looking for. Alex was easy going and so easy to work with! I recommend her, 1000%!"

"Alex is gifted & absolutely amazing!!! I sent her my vision for my brand & she captured it perfectly. 5 Stars & HIGHLY recommend. Thank you, Alex, for bringing my brand to LIFE!"

"Alex exceeded all of my expectations when working with her! I have worked with her for two completely different projects. I feel like she reached into my brain, took my vision, and created a beautiful result from it."

"I’m currently obsessed with everything she did for me and everything turned out so perfectly that when it came time to implement it into my business it was such a breeze because everything already seemed like me!"

"Alex created my business logo & throughout the whole process I continued to be blown away. She knew exactly what I was thinking before I even did & was able to bring my vision to life! She is also so kind & fun to work with, I highly recommend her!"

"I didn't know what I was looking for when I started the search for rebranding last year. Then, I talked to Alex and just had this feeling of 'OHH I've gotta work with her!'"

"I am SO glad I decided to do it all at once with Alex! Not only is she an incredibly talented artist, she's also a joy to work with and really goes above and beyond for her clients.'"

"Rebranding with her involved so much more than just a new logo. The process she walked me through really helped me nail down my brand and create a cohesive vision, and all with an incredible turnaround."



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success stories

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